How To Use Click&Clean For Microsoft Edge

Click&Clean – the useful browser clean-up add-on for Firefox and Chrome is now available for Microsoft Edge too. With just a few clicks, it can delete typed in websites, cookies, cache, browsing history, and more.

To use it in Edge, first, download it from the Edge Add-ons page here.

Click&Clean Edge add-on page

Then click on Add extension to finish installing it.

adding Click&Clean add-on to Microsoft Edge browser

It will now be available next to the Edge address bar and ready to use.

Click&Clean add-on installed for Edge browser

Using Click&Clean:

To start using it, click on the add-on icon. This will display the Main menu with various available functions.

Click&Clean Main menu tiles

You can directly delete cookies, cache, browsing history, and also open Incognito mode from the various tiles there.

However, for optimizing the Edge browser in detail, choose Clear Private Data. On hovering the pointer over that, the tile will change to Options or Close all Tabs.

accessing Click&Clean options for deleting browser data

Using the Close all Tabs will first close all the open tabs before running the cleaner.

close all tabs option for Click&Clean

To know what needs to be removed for browser clean-up, select Clear Private Data. This will show all the items that can be selected for clean-up.

Click&Clean options for deleting Edge browser data

You can delete cookies, browsing history, locally stored app-related databases, plug-in data, and so on. Also, Click&Clean can delete them from the very start or be selective and delete only those from the last hour, last two hours, last week, and so on.

deleting browser data from a selected time period

Different clean-up modes:

There are also different clean-up modes like Low, Medium, High, and Dev.

Low: This is the default mode. It will delete browsing history, cookies, and other items but will keep the app databases, plug-in data, form data, and other not so common items intact. This cleaning mode is sufficient unless you want to refresh the Edge browser or deep clean it.

Medium: This will delete all the items from the Low mode and also those that were intact in that mode. So, plug-in data, forms data, and other items will be deleted in the Medium mode.

High: This is for extensive clean-up. Selecting this mode will show a warning that all the saved passwords would be deleted when this is used.

using the high mode to delete saved passwords in Edge using Click&Clean

A complete reset for the Edge browser can be done by running Click&Clean in High mode.

Dev: This is for experimental uses only.

dev mode in Click&Clean

Once the mode is selected, click on Run Cleaner.

run cleaner to delete browser data in Click&Clean

Click&Clean will delete all the selected browser items. Otherwise, you can also directly click on Clear Private Data to erase items but not know what was deleted.

browser data deleted using Click&Clean

You can also set Click&Clean to auto-delete private data once the browser is closed. Enable the option from the EXTRA section to do so.

auto-delete browser data when Edge is closed

If you don’t want to use any of these modes but only delete individual items like browsing history or cookies, select them and run the cleaner or click the trash icon next to them for individually deleting them.

individually deleting browser data using Click&Clean

Also, within the clean-up options, if you select Securely close Browser, then some of the items will be deleted when the browser restarts the next time.

You can also backup the cleaning settings from here. Click on Backup settings and save the configuration file.

backing up Click&Clean cleanup settings

This can then be imported as needed by clicking Restore settings.

exporting Click&Clean settings to be saved locally

Edge options:

Clicking on the Edge options will show different tiles like Plug-ins, Extensions, Experiments, Network Stack, DNS, Generate Passwords, and so on.

various Edge related diagnostics tools in Click&Clean

These features are more geared towards helping troubleshoot Edge problems by gathering information about various browser settings. To generate a password, click on Generate Passwords.

generating a random password using Click&Clean

A random password will be shown, which you can tweak to change the length to use if needed.

Also, there is an option of the Privacy Test.

selecting the privacy test option in Click&Clean

This is not a part of the add-on but it will open a new privacy test webpage which is the add-on’s website and run some browser tests.

running a privacy test for browser through the Click&Clean website

detailed analysis of browser related privacy settings using Click&Clean Running these tests can be useful in knowing what sort of details are being generated and for tweaking privacy settings.

This is an extensive browser cleanup tool that helps in optimizing it.

Happy browsing.

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