How To Print Clutter-Free Pages When Using Firefox

Firefox has a useful printing feature – Simplify Page. What it does is remove all the unnecessary items from the web pages to be printed like ads, background images, and so on.

Here is how to use it:

Open the web page to be printed in Firefox and click on File > Print Preview.

accessing print preview options in Firefox

This will show the web page preview with all the other elements with it. Click on the Simplify Page option at the top of the preview.

simplify page option in firefox

On choosing this, the web page preview will only display the content similar to when in the Reader View and all the other elements will be removed.

page preview with simplify page option enabled in firefox

You can now select Print from the top of the preview to print the page in this mode either using the printer or in the PDF form.

choosing to print using firefox

Select as needed and click on Print.

selecting printing on paper or as a pdf

Either way, only the necessary web page contents will be printed.

pages printed with the simplify page option as a pdf document

This is a useful printing feature in Firefox that reduces clutter while printing and also saves ink and paper.

Happy printing.

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