How To Open New Chrome Tabs As Custom Web Pages

New Tab Redirect is a Google Chrome add-on that can open new tabs as custom URLs or web pages. So, if you’d like to set a specific website URL or a web page to open as a new tab, then this add-on can help with that.

Download and install it from the Web Store here.

New Tab Redirect add-in in Chrome Web Store

Once installed, there will be a brief description of how it works.

a brief description of New Tab Redirect after installing it

After installing it, when a new tab is opened, Chrome will prompt you to whether allow the New Tab Redirect add-on to control the tab or keep the default settings. Select Keep it for the add-on to work.

allow New Tab Redirect to control new tabs in Chrome

Also, there will be a prompt to allow managing Apps. You can grant New Tab Redirect add-on the required permissions to do so by choosing Grant ‘management’ Permission.

allowing Apps management permission to New Tab Redirect add-on in Chrome

Without it too, you can still redirect tabs though.

You can also pin the New Tab Redirect add-on icon next to the Chrome address bar by clicking on the Extensions icon and enabling pinning for it.

Extensions icon in Chrome

pinning New Tab Redirect next to the Chrome address bar

Using New Tab Redirect:

To start using it, access the add-on options by clicking on the add-on icon and choosing Options.

accessing New Tab Redirect options

Adding a web URL:

This will open the URL settings page. Under the Redirect URL box, enter any custom link that needs to be set as a new tab.

URL settings in New Tab Redirect add-on

There are already some default ones listed like popular websites and Chrome settings pages if you want to add any of them for redirecting tabs.

Enter the URL to be opened and click on Save.

setting a URL as new tab in Google Chrome

You can also enable the options of syncing it across browsers if Chrome sign-in and sync is enabled.

The new URL will be saved. Now whenever a new tab is opened, instead of the default tab page, the URL will open.

option of adding custom URL saved using New Tab Redirect

Adding a local URL:

You can also use a local URL to open using the New Tab Redirect add-on. So, if you have a custom local file or a webpage that is to be loaded as a new tab, use the file:// prefix to load that custom file.

adding a local file as custom URL in New Tab Redirect

It will be displayed every time a new tab is opened.

custom local file displayed on opening new tabs by using New Tab Redirect

Managing permissions:

Also, you can change the permission settings from the Permissions section.

managing permissions for New Tab Redirect

There are Required Permissions which are essential for the add-on to work and are enabled by default. The Optional Permissions can be revoked or granted anytime from here.

This is a useful add-on to redirect tabs to other websites or custom URLs. Also, if you are looking to beautify tabs and have a To-Do displayed in new tabs, then Momentum for Chrome can be a good option too.

Happy browsing.

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