Set Beautiful Bing Homepage Images As Windows Desktop Backgrounds

Bing Wallpaper is a collection of beautiful wallpapers that are available as a Windows app by Microsoft. These wallpapers are featured on the Bing homepage, and you can use them too. To do that, first, download the Bing Wallpaper app from here by clicking on Install Now.

Bing Wallpaper app for Windows

Once downloaded, launch the setup to start with the Bing Wallpaper installation. By default, the options of Bing as a search engine and MSN as the homepage are both enabled. Uncheck them if needed if you only want the Bing Wallpapers pack and not any other changes. Click on Install Now to proceed.

installing Bing Wallpaper app in Windows

Once done, choose Finish to complete the installation.

Installation completed for Bing Wallpaper app

Bing Wallpaper app will now be available from the Windows system tray too.

Bing Wallpaper app available in system tray

Click on its icon.

Bing Wallpaper app system tray icon

By default, the desktop wallpaper will change to the latest one available.

various options for Bing Wallpaper

To set the desktop background as a new wallpaper daily, choose the option of Enable daily refresh.

change wallpapers daily using Bing Wallpaper

A brief description of each of these images  that are used as wallpapers can be seen by clicking on the Bing Wallpaper icon. To know more, click on the description. This will open the Bing search results for that.

know more about images used in Bing Wallpaper


You can cycle back and forth the previous wallpapers and set them as the desktop background by clicking on Change Wallpaper.

change wallpapers manually using Bing Wallpaper

Bing search can also be opened from here by choosing to Go to

Also, to admire these beautiful wallpapers, turn off the desktop icons by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop, and selecting View > Show desktop icons.

turn off desktop icons to view Bing Wallpapers

This is a useful tool that can enhance the aesthetics of the desktop by regularly displaying various beautiful wallpapers. 🙂

Beautiful Bing Wallpaper 1

Beautiful Bing Wallpaper 2

Beautiful Bing Wallpaper 3

Beautiful Bing Wallpaper 4

Happy viewing.

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