How To Use PDF Tools In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser now has a PDF toolbar by which you can annotate the text in the PDF documents, draw in them, make the text audible, and so on. This is included with the Windows 10 October 2018 updates along with Learning Tools.

Here is how to use these PDF tools in Edge:

Open any PDF document in Edge. Hover at the top to see a PDF toolbar that will be available.

Microsoft Edge PDF toolbar

This toolbar can be pinned/unpinned by clicking on the pin icon.

To draw in the PDF document, click on the Draw drop-down menu and select the color as well as line thickness.

Choose draw option from Edge PDF toolbar

To highlight specific portions of the PDF document, choose Highlight and select the marker color.

selecting highlight option from Edge PDF toolbar

These can then be added to the PDF document.

A PDF document highlighted using Edge PDF tools

For removing the markings and drawings, click on Erase.

erasing highlights and drawings from the PDF document

Then erase the annotations and drawings. The original PDF text and contents will remain intact.

You can also flip and rotate the documents as well as fit them to width directly from within the Edge browser.

flip and rotate pages in PDF document using the Edge PDF tools

Also, there is an option of audio narration for the PDF documents. Click on the Read aloud button.

using the read aloud option in Edge browser

The narration will start and the text that is being narrated will be highlighted. You can also play, pause, speed up, and slow down the narration from the narration controls.

start and stop voice narration for PDF contents using Edge PDF toolbar


To change the voice settings for this, click on the Voice options menu that will be visible during narration.

changing voice options for read aloud in Edge

Then change the voice type as needed.

selecting from different narrator voices for the read aloud feature

This is a useful toolbar that can be used to highlight text and for audio narration when reading a PDF document, right from within the Edge browser.

Happy reading.

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