Learn New Languages While Surfing Webpages In Chrome Using Toucan

Toucan is a Google Chrome add-on that makes learning new languages easy. It does this by making you familiar with words that are of a foreign language while you browse webpages. Languages supported are Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and French.

To use it, first, download and install it from the Chrome Web Store here.

Toucan Chrome add-on in Web Store

Once installed, the Toucan icon will be visible next to the Chrome address bar.

Toucan add-on icon

Also, on installing, it will first ask to select a language to learn.

choosing languages to learn using Toucan

Once selected, choose to ALLOW ACCESS for the add-on to work across different sites visited in Chrome.

Toucan first run walkthrough

Also, the Toucan blog page will open and serve as a quick tutorial. It will display the usual lines of text along with some highlighted words. These words are of foreign language that you had chosen for learning.

Toucan displaying foreign words in sentences

Hover near these highlighted words to know their English translation. So, you already start to get familiar with foreign words without actually trying to learn the languages the usual way.

foreign words with their translation using Toucan

The foreign words are highlighted by Toucan on all the various sites that you visit.

webpages with Toucan enabled

At any point, you can change the difficulty level of these words that are displayed. Click on the Toucan add-on and change it if needed.

changing difficulty settings in Toucan

You can also disable it on specific sites by clicking on PAUSE ON THIS SITE.

pausing Toucan on specific sites


Also, you can sign up for a free Toucan account that can save your learning progress and keep a track of the total words translated.

creating a free Toucan account

Otherwise, too you can check for your stats and change the language selection from the Toucan dashboard.

anonymous Toucan dashboard

Choose Personalize and make these changes from there.

changing language to learn from Toucan dashboard

There are also different packs, many of which are free to add and use. These are a collection of words from various topics that are displayed.

adding learning packs in Toucan

For more packs, you can also opt for a premium Toucan account from here.

To change Toucan‘s site access settings, right-click the add-on, and choose Manage extensions.

changing Toucan add-on settings

Then choose access to all sites, sites on click, or specific sites. You can also enable it in Incognito mode from here.

enabling Toucan on certain sites or all of them in Chrome

This is a useful language learning add-on that makes you familiar with foreign vocabulary by introducing words and help you learn.

Do try it out.

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