How To Schedule Calls In Skype

Skype calls and meetings can be scheduled using the Windows 10 calendar app. Also, you can directly schedule calls for contacts from within Skype even without sending an email invite. This feature is available from both the Skype desktop app as well as the web version.

Here is how:

Login to Skype and click on the contact for whom the call is to be scheduled.

choosing a contact for scheduling Skype call

At the end of the message box, click on the dots icon.

Skype message box

Then select Schedule a Call.


Skype schedule a call feature

Enter the details and pick the date and time.

adding details for scheduled calls in Skype

You can select them by clicking the arrow key right next to them.

choosing time for scheduled calls in Skype

After the details are finalized, click on Send.

finalizing call details before scheduling in Skype

The recipient will get an invite and the scheduled call won’t be confirmed unless accepted by them.

scheduled call invite sent to attendees

At the recipient end, the call can be accepted or declined as needed.

accepting or rejecting scheduled calls in Skype Once accepted, the call will be scheduled and a status icon next to the contacts will display that.

Skype contact status as scheduled call

Also, you will see this update in the Notifications tab.

scheduled calls updates in notifications section of Skype

These calls will be listed in the Calls tab under the Upcoming Calls section.

list of scheduled calls can be viewed from calls section in Skype

This is useful when there are multiple scheduled calls.

Skype will also display the countdown for the call at the top as a banner.

scheduled call reminder in Skype

Editing and deleting scheduled calls:

Only the organizer can edit the scheduled calls. As an organizer, click on the sent invite and click on Edit.

editing a scheduled call in Skype

Change the details as needed. To delete the call, choose Delete Call.

deleting a scheduled call in Skype

Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete.

The recipients will then get the call deleted notification.

scheduled call deleted notification received by Skype contacts

This is a useful feature by which you can plan Skype calls well in advance and manage them.

Happy scheduling.

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