How To Enable Offline Mode In Gmail

Just like Google Docs offline mode, Gmail too can be used in offline mode when using Chrome. In this mode, sending emails will be deferred but you can still compose emails, search and read the existing emails. Also, offline access will only be available in the regular Chrome browsing mode and not in Incognito mode.

Here is how to enable it:

Login to Gmail and click on the gear icon. Then select See all settings.

accessing Gmail settings

Scroll to the Offline section and select Enable offline mail.

enable offline mode in Gmail settings

There will be a couple of options once enabled. You can change the number of days for which emails will be stored with the attachments.

choose storage and security options for Gmail offline mode

Also, for security settings when offline mode is on, you can choose to keep offline data on the computer after logging out or remove it. Keeping offline data is only recommended if it is not a shared computer or you are the only user.

enable storing of data locally in Gmail offline mode


The other option would be to delete all the offline data once logged out. Logging back in will resync all the data again when this is selected.

deleting data when logged out during Gmail offline mode

Choose as needed and click on Save Changes. Also, add Gmail to the bookmarks once done.

add Gmail bookmark for offline access

From now on, whenever offline, Gmail inbox will load with a notification indicating that it is in offline mode.

Gmail in offline mode

So, even though you can access the Gmail inbox, messages won’t be sent.

messages when sent during offline mode in Gmail

Instead, they would be in the Outbox folder.

Gmail messages stored in outbox during offline mode

They’d be there until Gmail is again online, after which they will be automatically sent.

outbox with messages which will be sent when Gmail is online


When back online, this Outbox will be empty and the messages will now be in the Sent folder.

stored messages from outbox sent automatically when Gmail is online againHappy emailing.

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