How To Add And Use Web Panels In Vivaldi

Vivaldi browser has some useful features for tab management like tiled tabs. Along with this, it also has the option of adding Web Panels. These Web Panels are side tabs that you can assign to websites so that they remain open in the sidebar while browsing using the regular tabs.

Here’s how to add and use them:

From the sidebar and click the + sign.

vivaldi sidebar

This will open an Add Web Panel window. Add the website that is to be added as a Web Panel.

adding a website to web panel in vivaldi

Frequently visited websites are also available from the bottom pane of this window.

Once added, click on that Web Panel to load the website as a sidebar.

website loaded in vivaldi web panel

You can add different websites to each of these Web Panels and they can be added by clicking on the + sign as before from the sidebar.

multiple web panels added in vivaldi

To hide the Web Panel view, left-click on it. If you’d like to switch to surfing the website in the desktop view, right-click that Web Panel and select Show Desktop Version.

view the web panel website as a desktop version

To delete it, select Remove Web Panel.

deleting added web panels in vivaldi

Opening Web Panel in new tabs and windows:

You can also open the sites from Web Panel in the regular tabs by right-clicking and selecting Open in and choosing either the tabs or the windows.

open web panels as new tabs or windows in vivaldi


Also by default, the back, forward and reload buttons aren’t displayed for the websites in Web Panel.

default web panel controls in vivaldi

To show them, right-click that Web Panel and select Toolbar > Display All Controls.

enabling all controls for web panels in vivaldi

These will now be visible.

all controls visible for web panels in vivaldi

Adding webpages as new Web Panels:

Other than that, if there is a webpage or a website that you directly would like to add, simply right-click while browsing it in the regular tab or window and choose Add Page to Web Panel.

add a page as a web panel in vivaldi

This is a useful feature to have as you can add sites to Web Panels like bookmarks but opened as a sidebar for reference while browsing other webpages in the normal view or the main window.

Happy surfing.

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