Enable Periodic Scanning Of Windows 10 PC With Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender Antivirus can be set to periodically scan Windows 10 PCs even if a third-party antivirus product is installed and active.

Here’s how:

From the system tray, right-click on the Windows Security icon and select View security dashboard.

accessing Windows 10 security dashboard

Then click on Virus & threat protection.

configuring virus and threat protection settings in windows 10

Scroll down to the Microsoft Defender Antivirus options section and expand it. Over here enable Periodic scanning.

enable periodic scanning using microsoft defender antivirus

A notification will be displayed stating that periodic scanning is now active even if there is another antivirus program currently installed.

windows defender periodic scanning enabled along with other anti-virus product

You can also run a quick scan using Microsoft Defender from here.

choosing quick scan using windows defender and other scan options

Other scan types like running a full system scan, selective scan, or an offline scan can be accessed from Scan Options.

different scan options for microsoft defender

Happy scanning.

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