How To Write A Funny Essay

Students have to write different types of essays. They are different and their purposes also vary. Some of them are too difficult and boring. In the meanwhile, you’ll definitely find special essays types that are very interesting to write. Thus, a funny essay is one of them. It’s a non-scientific essay, which automatically makes it easier to complete. Sometimes it’s called a humorous essay. It’s a catchy and entertaining story about something that once happened to you or the one you’ve imagined in your head. However, if your writing skills or knowledge are insufficient, you’ll need some help.

Thus, many clever students visit websites like CustomWritings to have their essays written in accordance with their requirements. It’s a legal and trustworthy essay writing company, which always satisfies all the demands of its clients. Students write authentic high-quality custom papers, including funny essays, and receive the highest grades. Of course, there are other methods to write this interesting essay type without somebody’s help.

Choose a Great Idea to Cover

Everything begins with your topic. It instantly tells the readers what you want to dwell upon. Of course, it may have some hidden symbolism and the story may develop unexpectedly. Nevertheless, a catchy and uncommon title may convince many people to get interested in your writing.

Here are several captivating topic ideas for a funny or humorous essay:

  • I’m an Expert at Anything but Entertainment.
  • The Funniest Day in My Life.
  • Reasons to Be Positive and Happy Every Day.
  • Why Humor Saves Our Lives.
  • The Most Interesting Place I’ve Visited.

Of course, your topic should also teach a lesson. For example, the topic “Why Humor Saves Our Lives” may discuss serious problems. Many people are too sad and get depressed. Perhaps they simply don’t know how to rejoice. Your funny essay may show them how to be happy using humor.

Identify Your Humorous Style

Before you begin to write, choose a concrete humorous style. There are several ones and although you can combine several ones, it’s better to stick to a single style. Thus, your mind and ideas won’t be scattered without organization throughout the text.

Here are the following humorous styles:

  • Observational/situational humor. You should find humor in everyday situations.
  • Anecdotal humor. This style requires using real-life stories.
  • Dark humor. It involves seeking and finding positive outcomes in darkest and unpleasant situations. Be careful when you use it in your essays.
  • Self-deprecating humor. It’s a very specific style when a writer is able to laugh at himself or herself.
  • Satirical humor. Laughing at other people but doing that in a friendly manner.

Tell a Good Story

It’s always important to never overstuff your essays with the same information. In our case, you should not overuse jokes. Many inexperienced writers think that a funny essay should be overcrowded with smart jokes and funny tricks. Notwithstanding, you should provide them to a definite extent. The purpose of every essay is to tell a certain story.

You cannot create a logical and captivating story using only jokes. You’re expected to introduce a thesis statement and build a story relying on it. Your plot development should run in a logical sequence of events. Funny episodes and jokes are expected to make it funnier and more comprehensive. Therefore, add them only when they are really necessary.

Keep Your Jokes Short

Another vital tip to remember is the length of your jokes. They are supposed to be short and smart. The length of jokes can be compared with lengthy explanations of any scientific paper. If your sentences are too long, it’s hard to understand your message. The same goes for jokes. If they are too long, people will hardly like them. They want to smile at a good joke in several seconds.

There’s another piece of advice for your content. Don’t try to joke as if you’re Jim Carrey. It’s actually difficult to crack jokes all the time long. A funny essay is supposed to be slightly funny with enough space for humor, storytelling, and appealing to something quite serious.

Contrast Funny with Sad

Sometimes it’s important to contrast funny with sad to reach a certain effect. Remember that even funny essays should entertain, as well as teach us a lesson. Therefore, the contrast with some unpleasant events and feelings may work effectively for your content.

For example, dark humor may be the most effective humorous style for such contrasts. You’ll focus on something sad and even depressive. However, you’ll show that there’s nothing to worry about and will explain that life continues. Thanks to great jokes, you’ll be able to underline the importance of humor in our life.

Make It Logical and Natural

Many writers fail making humor their central idea. Of course, a funny essay must be humorous. Nevertheless, you should produce your ideas and fun naturally. If you pay too much attention to it, you’ll force it out of yourself. Thus, your jokes and the whole story will be unnatural and your readers will quickly understand that.

Revise Your Writing

Finally, you should reread and proofread your funny essay. Make sure that your story is captivating and funny. Check the smoothness of jokes. You should never offend other people with them.

Memorize the points highlighted in our article. They are very useful and easy to follow. Using our smart prompts, you’ll definitely write a funny essay that will win the hearts of your readers.

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