How To Send Emails At A Later Date And Time In

The web version of now has the Send later feature by which you can schedule emails to be sent later at a specified date and time.

To use it, login to and click on New message.

composing a new message in

At the bottom of the message window, click on the down arrow next to the Send button to display the Send later option.

Send later option in

Select it and add a date and time when the message is to be scheduled for sending.

choosing a date and time for sending emails from

The default time intervals for Send later are of 30 minutes each but you can also enter a custom time.

choosing a time for sending scheduled emails in

Then click on Send.

sending a scheduled message in

The message even though will be shown as sending will only be sent at the date and time for which it is scheduled.

To cancel this scheduled send message or reschedule it, go to the Drafts folder and select it.

scheduled send messages are in Drafts folder in

Then click on Cancel Send to cancel sending the message at the chosen date and time. The message will be available again to edit and send it at a later date.

cancelling and rescheduling send later messages in

Also, for sending email messages that expire automatically along with a scheduled sending option, Gmail and ProtonMail can be useful.

All done.

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