All The Ways In Which Technology Shapes The Online Gaming Industry

Thanks to numerous technological advancements that took place in recent years, we now have online counterparts of almost every land-based establishment in the world. When it comes to online gaming, one can say that it definitely reached the highest level so far in a technological sense and that it also has a tendency to surprise us even more in the future.

Yet, before we step into the future, let’s take a look at all the ways technology has shaped online gaming so far and how we, as players, benefit from it.

Instant-Play Software

In a world full of apps for every sphere of life, people seem to be thrilled when they come across a site that can be accessed and used without downloading anything. Instant-Play technology made this possible when it comes to online gaming, especially in regard to smartphones and tablets.

The latest HTML5 technology makes it possible to play the majority of online games by visiting the designated online platform via your web browser. That’s why you can take advantage of free bingo games no download needed.

Random Number Generators

The online gaming industry is powered by random number generators that determine the result of almost every type of game. These generators are designed in a way to produce a sequence of game outcomes without repeating the same pattern. Thanks to this, game providers can guarantee that the games are completely random and cannot be influenced in any way.

RNG software came into existence after so many online gaming operators had to answer the most frequently asked question related to the iGaming industry: Are slots rigged? Nowadays, every online platform that uses RNG software can proudly claim that their games, including slots, are absolutely fair and random, which helps players relax and enjoy online gaming even more.


High-quality graphics are what separates today’s online gaming experience from the one players used to enjoy in the past. Software developers hire entire teams of graphic designers who work around the clock to take the iGaming industry to the next level.

It all started with the 4K resolution, after which high-definition graphic developers presented new 3D and 4D online games that looked more realistic than ever. Along with that, we’ve got new technologies coming our way, offering augmented and virtual reality games that set the bar higher than ever.

At the moment, the closest thing we’ve got to a realistic gaming experience is the streaming of the activity with the help of HD cameras. However, considering the direction in which online gaming is going, we can expect that virtual-reality games will enable players to practically visit gaming establishments without actually leaving their homes.

Internet Connectivity

Let’s face it — without the internet, none of these developments would be possible in the first place and you would still have to physically visit venues that offer any of the games you fancy. Additionally, Wi-Fi and mobile data took online gaming even further by allowing you to access any of your desired sites no matter where you are.

Mobile-Friendly Platforms

Apart from the internet, mobile-friendly platforms have played a central role in making gaming on the go available worldwide. No matter what type of online games you decide to go for, you can easily find an online platform that is optimized for smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you won’t have to miss out on your daily dose of gaming if you are away from your laptop or desktop computer.

The bottom line — technology has shaped the online gaming industry in many significant ways so far, and it seems it will keep going forward, meaning we can expect the iGaming realm to develop even further in years to come.

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