Quickly Get The Dimensions Of Web Page Elements With This Firefox Add-on

If you are looking for a ruler to measure the dimensions of web elements, then Measure-it for Firefox is a useful add-on to have.

Download and install it from here.

Measure-it Firefox add-on page

Click on Add and if you want, enable it to allow to access Private Windows or skip it.

adding Measure-it to Firefox

Then click Okay, Got It.

allow if needed for Measure-it to access Private Windows

Once installed, it will show up as a ruler icon next to the Firefox address bar.

Measure-it add-on icon in Firefox

Using Measure-it is simple, either click the icon or use the shortcut key Alt+Shift+M in Windows/Linux or Command+Shift+O in Mac.The screen will fade and the ruler can be used to drag and select specific areas just like taking a screenshot.

measuring dimensions of web elements using Measure-it in Firefox

The dimensions for the chosen area would be visible at the edges. This is useful especially for web development when you’d like to measure various web elements when designing or modifying web pages.

To change options for Measure-it, right-click the icon and select Manage Extension.

accessing Measure-it options

Then go to Options. From over there, the default shortcut keys, as well as the color scheme, can be changed.

customizing Measure-it options in Firefox

This is a handy little Firefox add-on to quickly measure web elements when needed.

Happy measuring.

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