Play The Surf Game In Microsoft Edge Browser

The new Microsoft Edge browser now comes with a built-in game – Surf to play. This is available from Edge version 83.0.478.37 onwards.

To check your Edge version, go to Settings.

accessing settings in Microsoft Edge browser

Then click on About Microsoft Edge to find the version number.

checking the version of Microsoft Edge browser

If you already have the updated version, then launch Surf by typing in the address bar:


Select a surfer avatar using the arrow keys and spacebar to begin the game.

choosing a surfer avatar in Edge Surf game

The idea is simple – navigate through the obstacle course using the direction keys and power boost keys to finish the course.

There are also two different modes available: Time trial and Zig zag.

For the Time trial mode, reach the end in the shortest possible time while for Zig zag mode, pass through as many gates as possible in a row to build a streak.

Edge Surf game

You can pause the game anytime with the spacebar.

pause and resume the Surf game in Edge

Also, the game settings can be accessed by clicking on the right square in the game screen. To make it easier, you can also enable High visibility mode and Reduced speed mode from here. This will make avoiding the obstacles a lot easier along with the reduced gameplay speed.

accessing settings for Surf game in Edge browser

Also, you can get a list of game controls and instructions by clicking on How to play.

instructions for playing the Surf game in Edge

This is a fun game and great for taking some breaks in between . Also, it can be played while offline like the Dinosaur game in Google Chrome.

Happy surfing.

  1. I think you should add new things to it because I’ve played the game and it’s so boring now!

  2. Angelina Perez says:

    So much FUN LUV it!!!!!

  3. abbie says:

    YES i got in

  4. abbie says:

    thx bro

  5. abbie says:

    were is the real game i have been searching for hours


    love the game but it rage indusing

  7. Hannah Ton says:

    where is the real game?

  8. Norman Brooks says:

    A fascinating game,
    a real competitor to the Chrome Dino game)
    By the way, I found a site with a copy of the game for ANY (not only Edge) browser –
    it’s also convenient to play on mobile!