How To Use HelloSign In Dropbox For Paperless Signing

Dropbox now includes a paperless signing feature for documents known as HelloSign. It supports various document types like MS-Word, OpenOffice, PDF, and so on.

To use it, login to Dropbox from any browser and then choose HelloSign.

HelloSign feature in Dropbox

Click on Start Signing to begin.

using HelloSign

Select Allow to link HelloSign with your Dropbox account.

linking Dropbox with HelloSign

There will be various premium plans listed. You can use HelloSign for free though for signing up to 3 documents per month. To use that, select it by clicking the free plan.

various HelloSign plans

HelloSign offers various paperless signing options for signing your documents, co-sign them with others, or have other sign them.

choosing signers when using HelloSign

This is useful when you’d like to have digital signing for various contracts, agreements, and so on with others. Also, the premium plan has the option of choosing templates for such documents besides the Bulk Send feature (to send documents to many recipients in one-go).

Adding own signature:

Choose JUST ME to sign your documents. Next, select Add File to add the document to be signed. Add the recipient’s name and email address in the bottom pane.

uploading documents for paperless signing using HelloSign


After the file is added, click on Fill Out & Sign.

adding signature to documents using HelloSign
This will open a new editor for HelloSign.

HelloSign editor for adding signatures

From here, you can add your signature either by drawing it using the mouse, by typing it in, by uploading it as an image or by smartphone.

list of available input fields in HelloSign editor

Create a signature as needed and click Insert.

various ways to add signatures in HelloSign

insert signature by drawing in

HelloSign editor also has other options like including a tick box and a text box which may be added along with the digital signature. You can add these by selecting them from the left pane and inserting them in the document where needed.

inserting other fields like textbox and checkbox in HelloSign

Various attributes for the text box like font size, style, placeholder name, and the text box can be changed too.

options for changing textbox in HelloSign

After the signature is added and the changes finalized, click on Continue from the top right.

finishing adding signature in HelloSign

Fill up the recipient details along with a message and click on Send.

choosing recipients to send the signed document using HelloSign

The recipient will get a notification and can view the signed document.


recipient notified about signed document

Requesting signatures from others:

Similarly, if you’d like to have someone add a signature, choose Me & Others or Just Others from the setup screen. Then add the names of the recipients whose signatures are needed. You can also rearrange the order of these signers.

adding other signers using HelloSign

Select the type of signature input as before (draw, type, image, etc) and add the signature block in the document. Click Continue to finish.

inserting signature field to documents using HelloSign

Click on the Request signature button after adding a message title and subject.

requesting signature from others using HelloSign

The recipients will receive a signing request. They can directly open and sign them without a Dropbox account by clicking REVIEW & SIGN.

signing received documents from HelloSign

A HelloSign window will open in the browser to add their signatures after clicking on Continue.

signing documents using HelloSign

The options for adding signatures will be the same as before (drawing, typing it in, etc).

various signature options in HelloSign

The recipients after signing can complete the process by clicking Continue and finally the I agree button.

finishing the paperless signing process using HelloSign

agreeing to ToS for HelloSign

The sender will get a confirmation message about the signed document.

sender notified about the document signed using HelloSign

All done.

Happy signing.

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