How To Fix ‘Unable To Install VLC’ Snap Error In Ubuntu

While installing VLC player in Ubuntu, the installation process may get stuck and an error message of ‘Unable to install VLC‘ can appear.

This can be because installation through Snap has run into some error. Fixing it is simple though.

Open the Terminal and first get the Snap ID of the VLC installation in progress by typing in:

snap changes

viewing snap changes during VLC player installation in Ubuntu

In this example, 3 is the ID and the status for it is shown as ‘Doing‘ even while the error message is displayed.

So, terminate it by typing:

sudo snap abort 3

abort snap ID in Ubuntu

Now, restart the VLC player installation either from Ubuntu Software or by typing in:

sudo snap install vlc

The installation should now be completed successfully and VLC player will now be ready to use.

VLC player successfully installed in Ubuntu

VLC player available in Ubuntu

Also, if you run the snap changes command again, you’d see that the previous Snap ID has changed to Error and starting the installation after that completed without any errors with the status as Done:

viewing snap changes after VLC installation has completed

All done.

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