How To Change Dropbox Folder Path In Windows And Linux

The default location for the Dropbox folder can be changed in Windows and Linux. (You’d need the Dropbox client installed for this, it can be downloaded from here.)

Here is how:

For Windows:

Left-click the Dropbox icon from the system tray.

Dropbox system tray icon in Windows

Then click on the account name and select Preferences.

accessing Dropbox preferences in Windows

Go To the Sync tab. The default path will be the Users\username folder. Click on Move.

Sync settings in Dropbox client for Windows

Select a new location. It can be on a different drive or partition as needed. A new folder named Dropbox will be created inside the folder that will be selected for the new path.

choosing a new path for Dropbox folder in Windows

Click OK to confirm the move.

confirm moving Dropbox folder in Windows

Depending on the number of files and account size, it can take a while.

moving Dropbox folder to a new location in Windows

Once completed, the Dropbox folder will be available at the new location.

Dropbox folder at a new location in Windows

(You can also change the folder path for OneDrive in Windows, here’s how).

For Linux:

The steps are the same as those for Windows.

Left-click on the Dropbox icon from the panel. Then select Preferences.

accessing Dropbox client preferences in Linux


Go to the Sync tab and click on Move.

accessing Sync settings for Dropbox client in Linux

Set a new path for the Dropbox folder and let the transfer to the new path complete.

confirm moving of Dropbox folder to a new location in Linux

From now on, the Dropbox files and folders will be stored and synced at the new location.

Dropbox folder moved to a new location in Linux

All done.

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