How To Add Mutiple Workspaces In Opera Browser

Opera browser has a useful feature of multiple workspaces. So you can have different tabs opened in separate workspaces like work, personal and so on which makes managing them easier.

multiple workspaces in Opera browser

Adding workspaces:

Adding new workspaces is simple, left-click on the ellipsis icon from the Opera sidebar. Then from the Workspaces section, choose Add more.

workspaces section in Opera browser

Select an icon for it and name it if needed. Then click Create.

adding a new workspace in Opera browser

The new workspace will show up in the sidebar as an icon. Click on it to open.

new workspace added to Opera browser

The previous tabs will not be visible as they are in another workspace. You can then open different tabs in different workspaces as needed.

Moving tabs between workspaces:

Also, you can move tabs between workspaces. To do this, right-click on the tab to be moved and choose Move tab to workspace. Select the target workspace as needed.

moving tabs in Opera browser between different workspaces

Deleting workspaces:

To delete workspaces, access the Workspaces section from the sidebar. Then, click on the dots icon next to the specific workspace name and choose Remove. (You can also change their names and icons using the Edit option).

editing and removing existing workspaces in Opera browser

If there are tabs open in the workspace to be deleted, there will be a message indicating that. Click on Remove to delete the selected workspace.

confirm deletion of workspace in Opera browser

Happy browsing.

All done.

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