Top Online File Converter Tools

Nowadays everyone needs an all in one file converter tool which has all features like converting any type of file to pdf file or vice versa. There are many platforms available online which provide the features of converting any format of the file to desired file format that you need.

There are some drawbacks with that converting tools as follows:

More time to convert:

These types of errors occur with many converter tools, which have trouble converting the files to the required file format, or it takes more time to convert, and at last, it fails to convert that.

Uncomfortable to use:

In most pdf file converters, it is hard to use due to its interface and its complexity.

Low quality work:

In some file converter tools deliver low quality work like the uploaded file and converted file are the same, or the converted file quality is low.
There are many problems with the pdf file converter tools, but the issues mentioned above are very common problems with these types of file converter tools.

Here are some file converter tools which have not all this problem, which is discussed above, and it gives a smooth operation with its simple interface. These are the most advanced online file converter tools and loaded with premium features for free.

Top online file converter tools:

Here are some of the most advanced online pdf file converter tools available in the market which has the most exciting features –

The first online pdf file converter in the list is, which has a simple interface, and its impressive features make it unique. Let’s discuss its advantages and its features that you get with this pdf file converter tool.

  • You would be able to convert any type of file to your desired file format.
  • With this converter tool, you will never face any lagging or server down problem.
  • You will get options with this converted tool in documents like ppt converter, word converter, excel converter, Docx converter, HTML converter, pdf converter, and many more.
  •  You will get options to convert your images to a required format like jpg converter, GIF converter, PNG converter, BMP converter, ICO converter, PSD converter, and many options.
  • With this online converting tool, you will be able to convert your documents, books, images, audio, archive, video to its desired format.
  • This tool is an all in one online converter tool which having many conversation tools along with, you can create your account with this converter tool.
  •  It is accessible from both mobile and desktop, which gives flexibility in working with your files.


The second online pdf file converter in this list is 2pdf. With this conversion tool, you can convert your data to the required format with some seconds.

Here are some advantages that you get with this pdf file converter tool:

  • With this conversion tool, you will be able to convert any file format to pdf format like jpg to pdf, excel to pdf, ppt to pdf, etc.
  • In this file converter tool, you are not facing any error during its file conversion.
  • All features of this converter are easily accessible and easy to use.

The third one is a small pdf converter tool, which is one of the popular online pdf converter tools, which is easier to access and comfortable to use because of its interface.

Here are some of it’s features:

  • More convenient to access all the conversation tools and able to convert any file format to pdf file.
  • It is accessible from both mobile and desktop.
  • There is no lagging issue with this converter tool.
  • You can also access and download the mobile app of this converter.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter

Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter is the most popular converter tool which is used to convert the file from any format to your desired size. It is the most useful online pdf converter tool which is available in the market.

Let’s discuss about its unique features

  • You can access this conversation tool through both mobile and desktop, which is very flexible, accessible, and also useful.
  • It has some more conversation options like excel to pdf, jpg to pdf converter, word file to pdf converter.
  • Along with this tool, you can access the user guide, which is easy to understand the interface of this converter and easy to use.
  • Its mobile app is available in the Google play store, which is very useful for mobile users; it will help them to access this converter tool from their handsets.
  •  It also provides cloud storage to store your documents.
  • It is the highest-ranked online pdf converter tool available in the market.

It is one of the popular online pdf file converters along with various converter options like any format of the file to pdf conversation.

  • It has options to convert excel to pdf, word to pdf, etc.
  • With this pdf file converter tool, you will be able to convert your file within seconds, which is time-efficient.
  • It also provides a user guide feature in their converter tool.

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