Set Different Search Engines For Default And Private Search In Vivaldi

The search engine settings in the Vivaldi browser allow you to set different search engines for regular and private browsing. What this means is you can have a different search engine each for both these browsing modes.

Here is how to do that:

Click on the Vivaldi menu icon and select Tools > Settings (Ctrl+F12).

accessing Vivaldi settings

Next, scroll down to the Search section.

configuring search options in Vivaldi

There will be a list of search engines available, you can add others too if needed. To set a default search engine, select it and click on Set as Default Search.

selecting a default search engine in Vivaldi

To keep a different search engine for private browsing, choose that and enable the option of Set as Private Search. (The default search engine can also be set as the one for private search). The label PRIVATE will be visible next to it in the list of added search engines.

selecting a private search engine in Vivaldi

Open a new private window (Ctrl+Shift+N) or File > New Private Window.

opening new private window in Vivaldi

Now the search engine selected for private search will be listed in that window.

new private window with private search in Vivaldi

Happy browsing and searching.

All done.

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