Selling And Buying Second-Hand Tech Equipment Or Gadgets

Do you feel like you just have too much stuff, especially tech stuff? If you’re a tad into tech, it’s easy to accumulate equipment, hardware, cables, and also small things and gadgets. As fun as they can be, you quickly end up with way too many dongles and devices!

On the other hand, you can be tech-savvy AND broke (yes, it happens!), then unable to please yourself with something new every now and then. Sometimes you can even be in both situations: you have way too many things but they’re not the ones that you really want!

In either of those cases, you may want to look into selling and/or buying your tech equipment and all those gadgets second-hand. Here are a few tips on why and where you could do that.

Why go second-hand?

We agree that it’s not as satisfying as brand new gear and that it might be difficult for you to give away some stuff. Even the smallest tool sometimes has a sentimental value and you’re not always ready to part with it… Even for good money. It’s time to face it though: it’s not only fair to the planet, it also helps your bank account to stay afloat!


Obviously, price is the number one argument. You can’t deny that used goods, even in perfect condition, are way cheaper than new stuff. Just look at Vinted or one of those websites: you’ll find clothes for 10% of their original value. The discount is not as important for tech equipment but you can still make a couple of good deals.

When it comes to selling, you know that you’re not going to get back what you spent. Clearly, even if your material is in perfect condition, you can forget about selling it for the same price you bought it for. However, you’d be surprised how much you can earn by selling several pieces of equipment, especially if you never use them anymore!

Environmental impact

Did you know that we generated more than 50 million tonnes of ‘e-waste’, electronic waste in 2019? Only 30% of them are recycled, which leaves 35 million tonnes of devices going straight to landfill. The imminent arrival of 5G might even add to that toll. Some devices really are too old or broken, but most of this e-waste is actually still usable. You don’t what to do with your last year’s computer since you bought a new one? Instead of throwing it away, you should probably think of selling it! And if you don’t want the latest, fastest, biggest computer or smartphone that just went out, you may consider buying a pre-owned one.

OK, now that you’re aware of the benefits – for yourself AND Mother Earth – of buying or selling recycled goods, here’s how to do it properly!


Find exactly what you need

When it comes to buying, you must first narrow down the possibilities. With the development of websites such as, which are more like powerful search engines than your old newspaper’s classified ads, you have an infinity of choices!

Try not to go too crazy, and think of what you really need. Which device, even which model if you can? Then, you have to look at how old the equipment really is. On this point, you have greater room for manoeuvre with laptops and computers than with smartphones. Phones’ batteries are the parts that give up first, and you shouldn’t be looking at any devices that are more than 3 years old. For a PC, you can allow yourself to go back further, up to 6 or 7 years if it was good stuff! Remember that you can easily upgrade the hard drive on an old computer and gain both performance and lifespan.

Test it if you can

Other than that, you’ll have to look carefully at the device’s physical aspect. Sure, you’re not bothered about how it looks like, but scratches and bumps are good indicators of how the product was treated by its former owner. If it’s too damaged on the outside, it may be the same on the inside… This implies that it’s always better to be there in-person to examine whatever you’re buying. Sure, you can get delivery now for almost anything, but if you have the chance to actually go and look at the device, take it. Not only you’ll have a better general idea of what you’re buying, but you’ll also be able to test it and see if it works fine. If it’s a phone, try to insert your own SIM card and see if it’s unlocked or at least locked to the network you wish to use. If it’s a computer verify that the operating system is fine and check if the drive has been cleaned of all files and previous settings.

What’s the right price?

OK so you found the device of your dreams, it’s not too old and it looks as good as new! Great! Now how are you going to get a fair price for it? You need to look elsewhere and get advice if you can, to assess how much you should pay for this stuff. Searching for it on sites like eBay (fixed prices, don’t bother with auction sales) should give you an idea of actual prices. Even better, a search engine such as, which agglomerates results from all sorts of sites, will give you a complete overview of the current market prices. You can also get recommendations from someone you know or a staff member in a tech store, just to be sure. And of course, reading about that brand/model on every review site you can find will also be of great help! Finally, it’s up to you to negotiate the price with the seller. Just remember that the cheapest deal is not always the best!


As we mentioned earlier, although you can’t pretend to sell used goods for their original price, there’s still a few pounds to make selling you old stuff. Hre’s how it works.

Once you’re used to the idea that you have to get rid of your beloved old Nintendo 64, take the best pictures you can. Upload them on a variety of sites such as Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, thoroughly describe it, set a price and wait for a buyer. Simple but not so easy, because you have to do everything yourself, from pictures to setting the right price, answering questions and preparing the sell.

If you’re going to ship your stuff to the buyer, you’ll have to box it up carefully. No one wants to receive a console or phone that’s completely smashed. If you’ve decided it’ll only be a face-to-face sell, think about where it should take place. Are you OK with having a stranger in your home, or do you prefer to meet in a public place? Finally, you’ll have to think about how you wish to get paid: cash, a payment app, Paypal? If it’s face-to-face, cash remains the best option. And if you’re going to ship the order, you’ll be happy to know that more and more sites have their own online payment system.

So… Are you ready to make money and save the Earth? Start looking for something to sell or for your next bargain… Or both!

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