Free Fax to Email – Send & Receive Faxes Online Without Any Credit Card

The reason that you’re here might be that you are a fax lover and are aware of the immense advantages and plus points that fax offers above any other means of communication. People who have love for fax, like you people and us, certainly can’t let go of it.

But the thing that needs our attention right now is the old faxing way is no longer effective. The world that we live in is advancing with each passing day and it is more likely hard and even impossible to use the big and huge fax machines, as they were used in the past times, for the purpose of faxing. Keeping a fax machine on all the time, so that not a single fax is lost, is unachievable as well as absurd at the time when people are more busy than ever.

So, what can be done in order to make it up for the bulky faxing machines used in the past times? There is one simple answer – to use the email to fax tools. Although it might seem as a complex task, it is just like sending a regular email. Actually it turns out to be more efficient and effective than regular emailing ways and the old fax machines.

Email to Fax – An Intro

When email to fax is the topic, we are basically talking about the way to send faxes through email. There is no restriction on which type of email client to use. You can use any email client like Gmail, Yahoo or any other for the purpose. However, all of these email clients actually do not support faxes initially. But with a little help, it can be done effectively. We will explain it all later in the next sections.

Fax to email is just the opposite of it, although it incorporates the same tech. Fax to email is the process of getting or receiving faxes on your email id. When faxes come on your email, the process is called fax to email. All the faxes that will be sent on your fax number will arrive in your email account. For this process too, any email client like Gmail, Yahoo or any other can be used. Similar to the above, fax to email is also not supported by any email client. We will here describe a way through which you can incorporate both email to fax and fax to email.

CocoFax – The Absolute Best Faxing Tool for Free Email Faxing

Here is CocoFax, the fax service that has its mark all over the globe. CocoFax provides free fax online, no credit card is needed for the faxing purpose. CocoFax serves customers with the best web fax arrangements that cross the limits of comfort and simplicity. Its customers include individuals as well as big organizational firms that depend on faxing for their official communications.

It gives you each and every fax facility that makes the whole process of faxing beyond just being easy. And its brilliant features not just end here. All of CocoFax’s systems are automated so this way all of your data is safe. It remains just between you and the one who is meant to see it.

Who is in for more treat? CocoFax’s wonderful highlights are not just limited to this. As you might know that faxing requires that you have a fax number. Fax number is the most essential element of faxing. And it is not easy to get one for yourself.

However, CocoFax takes care of each and every aspect of faxing. Hence it also provides a fax number to its users without any difficulty. And on top of that, this fax number that CocoFax provides is free of cost. There is absolutely no need for giving any kind of credit card details.

The email to fax technique that CocoFax offers has no limitations for the device you are using. You can use your computer, laptop, iPhone or any device for faxing. View page of the official site of CocoFax for detailed info. This facility that CocoFax provides, has made faxing a much more pleasant experience.

Stepwise Guide for Faxing via Email using CocoFax

If you opt to choose CocoFax for sending fax with the help of email, then it would be a delight to know that it is as easy as taking a stroll in the park. One thing you need to do is to follow the steps described below carefully. So here are the simple steps.

Step 1: Even if you are using your email to send a fax, the first thing is always to register with the online fax service that you are using. Hence, the first step here is to sign-up with CocoFax. And that is never a problem. Just visit the official page from any internet browser that you use.

You can sign-up using the facility of 30-day free trial that CocoFax provides. Through this free trial that lasts a month, you get to check the services of CocoFax well before you invest in them. CocoFax has taken care of convenience at every point.

Step 2: This is where you will get your free fax number too. And not only that, you are the one who chooses your fax number. CocoFax allows that the users themselves pick their fax numbers so that their fax numbers are suitable for them.

Step 3: When the sign-up process is done, you can head to your email account where you will be creating the new fax. Click on the ‘New Mail’ button which will open the new composing window. Fill in all the fields in it.

Start with the ‘To’ field. Instead of writing the email address of the recipient, write the fax address of the person who is intended to receive the fax.

Then there are two non-compulsory fields of ‘Subject’ and ‘Email body’. In the first one, you can write the content of the note that you want to have at the top of your fax when it reaches the place where it was supposed to go. In the email body, the content of the fax file’s first page will come.

Once everything is in place, press the send button to send your fax. CocoFax will work as an interpreter and interpret your email into a fax and then direct it further to the receiving person’s fax number.

Receiving Faxes

You might as well know of all the trouble fax lovers had to face when receiving faxes in the past days. The fax machine needed to be on and working all the time in order to get all the faxes. Because otherwise, there was danger of losing faxes.

However, CocoFax has made all the process of receiving faxes rather easy. With the fax to email innovation, all the faxes arrive in your email address. You don’t have to be logged in to your email account all the time in order to do so. Whenever you log in, you will see all your faxes in the inbox section.


CocoFax has achieved the concept of email faxing with great ease and convenience. With CocoFax, comfort is on a whole other level. So if you were looking for a way to fax easily, here it is. Head to CocoFax and grab your free custom fax number right now.

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