3 IT Services That Are Going To Dominate The 2020s

The IT Industry’s spending is expected to rise to $1.14 billion in 2021, $100 million more than overall spending in 2019. With the rate that technology is evolving, this growth is only par for the course. This rate only gets faster as technology evolves, too. Industries of every sort rely on Big Data more than ever, and the pressure for tech advancements to change is just as great. With the changing of IT tech comes the changing of IT professions, too, albeit at a slower pace. Here are three IT services that will dominate the 2020s.

Managed IT Service Providers

IT structures are getting more complex and diversified thanks to new technologies such as IT/OT integration and the Internet of Things. With this dynamic landscape, cybersecurity threats also evolve to be more potent. Because of the more diverse nature of IT structures these days, there are many more targets for such threats. No single solution can be crafted for them, and many times, security solutions differ from client to client. Not to mention, new regulations on IT tech, such as those in Europe, have made an effect on IT service options.

This was the beginning of how managed IT services arose. Since company computer systems are larger and more complex than ever, backdoors can open up from the least likely places. This especially goes for companies that have many work-from-home employees. The unwieldy size of such systems also makes management difficult. That’s why aside from security services, managed IT services also do regular maintenance on your data infrastructure, as well as other day-to-day tasks.

Cloud-Driven Custom Software Development

The development of custom software is a chief part of the overall IT industry, predicted to grow by $26.74 billion by 2024. This is because of one main driving factor. Software companies are constantly pressured to keep updating and evolving to keep up with competitors. This is also the reason custom software development will withstand any economic plunges, enhancing its longevity.

The prevalence of IoT and Cloud technology has been sharply increasing in recent years. Thanks to these, the development of software geared towards specific niches and customers is being spurred for more speed. In a bid for faster app development and deployment, developers have adopted Platform-as-a-Service cloud models at astounding rates.

This is because cloud computing is fantastic at facilitating the entire development cycle of an application, as well as its maintenance and day-to-day operation. Many Platform-as-a-Service models also offer packages with developer tools for Analytics, Customer Experience, and Internet of Things technology.Some PaaS models also provide support for further-off technologies still in their early stages, such as language processing, machine learning, advanced AI, and image recognition.

AI-Enriched Services Geared Towards Businesses

This trend takes the end goal of Enterprise Resource Planning and distills it to be relevant on the individual employee scale. It provides employees with information and contextual insights that applies to them in order for them to achieve optimal efficiency. Using machine learning and other forms of advanced AI data processing, AI-enriched services also project possible scenarios if a condition is met or not. They also give employees recommendations on what to do next, in case they get lost.

As with all humanity’s constructs, IT Tech is fated to keep changing as society and its needs get more complex. Trends and market leaders change with time, but one certainty is that IT will always strive to meet the needs of tech progress in technology.

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