Schedule Regular Short Breaks While Working Using This Chrome Extension

It can be useful to take regular short breaks while working to boost focus. There are several browser extensions for Google Chrome like Pomodoro that can help you in doing this.

There is another useful extension by GoogleMindful Break. What this extension does is show you a mindfulness/zen kind of tip followed with a short one-minute breathing exercise. It also works offline, so you can use it anytime.

Download and install it from the Google Web Store here.

Mindful Break extension in Google Web Store

Once installed, to start using it, click the extension icon from next to the Chrome address bar.

Mindful Break extension added to Google Chrome

Each time a useful mindfulness tip will be displayed along with a breathing/relaxation exercise. (You can also schedule these automatically.)

Mindful Break tips in Google Chrome

To start the exercise, click on TRY A BREATHING EXERCISE.

Play the one-minute video and follow the on-screen instructions.

1-minute breathing exercise in Mindful Break extension

You can switch to a full-screen view with F11 while doing this.

on-screen instructions for Mindful Break in Chrome

There are other settings too that can be configured for Mindful Break. To do that, click on the gear icon from the tip window.

accessing Mindful Break options in Chrome

If you’d like to be reminded regularly of taking a break at specific times, choose from the Remind me of a mindful break section.

setting a break reminder in Mindful Break

By default, it is off but can be set starting every hour, or at a specific time of the day. The I’m feeling lucky feature will remind you at random intervals.

Also, you can change how these reminders can be displayed. You can set them as badge icon, a browser notification, or a sound alert from the Remind me with section.


choosing how Mindful Break shows break reminders

badge icon and web notification for Mindful Break Chrome extension

Finally, these reminders can be restricted only to be displayed at certain times from the Restrictions section.

scheduling a time period between which Mindful Break is active

This is a useful Chrome extension that can boost productivity by taking short breaks and relaxing. Do try it out.

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