How To Change The Interface Language In Brave Browser

Brave browser interface can be displayed in different languages.

Here is how to do that:

Access language settings by typing in the address bar:


Brave browser language settings

Alternatively, click on the menu icon at the top right and select Settings.

accessing menu in Brave browser

accessing Settings in Brave browser

Then expand Additional settings > Languages.

language settings in Brave browser

Click on the down arrow to expand the list of languages.

expanding the languages section in Brave browser

Then select Add languages.

add languages option in Brave browser

From the list, add different languages as needed and click Add.

adding a language in Brave browser

Once added, to set the interface in a specific language, click on the dots icon next to that language.

selecting available language for using it as interface language in Brave browser

Then enable the option of Display Brave in this language. You can also enable the translate option from here or change the language order if there are multiple languages added.

enabling Brave browser interface in the selected language

A browser restart will be needed for the changes to take effect. Click on Relaunch.

restarting Brave browser to apply the changes

Once relaunched, the interface will now be in the chosen language.

Brave browser interface in a new language

All done.

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