Valentine’s Day Giveaway: DesignCap Annual Membership

The first giveaway of 2020 is here and it’s a Valentine’s Day giveaway. 🙂

DesignCap the online graphics maker is giving away yearly membership of its basic plan originally worth $59.88 for free.

About DesignCap:

  • Easily create logos, cards, infographics, presentations and more
  • No technical know-how required to design these graphics
  • Easy to choose from templates and other elements to quickly make graphics

Giveaway details:

This is a time-sensitive giveaway that is valid from 7th Feb 2020 to 23rd Feb 2020 and uses a coupon code which is only valid for the first 6 user registrations/redemptions.

How to avail of this offer:

First, create and activate a DesignCap account from the sign-up page.

DesignCap account created

Then go to the pricing page here and select BASIC plan annual membership for checkout and click Select. There is no need to enter any card details during this.

choose BASIC plan for DesignCap giveaway

Next, click on Have a coupon?

selecting coupon option for DesignCap giveaway

Then copy-paste the following coupon code in the coupon box (it is case sensitive) and click Redeem:


After the coupon code is successfully validated, click on Pay Now.

DesignCap giveaway coupon code redeemedThe giveaway coupon code will now be redeemed and the annual membership will be activated for free.


DesignCap BASIC plan annual membership activated

Using DesignCap:

DesignCap requires no technical know-how as it uses a simple drag and drop interface. Also as it is an online service, you can use it from any browser and from anywhere without installation.

There are three steps to using it:

  • Select a template
  • Customize
  • Export

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Select a template: To get started with making e-cards, logos and more, login and click on Get Started from the dashboard.

DesignCap user login dashboard

This will display a list of templates for various graphics. Choose what to design and click on the specific template.

a list of available DesignCap templates

Customize the selection: DesignCap editor consists of a left pane that has different items like text, photos, background, uploads and more while the right pane consists of the graphics that are being designed.

adding elements to ecards using DesignCap

Simply click or drag the elements from the left pane to the right and create graphics. The rightmost column is for ordering multiple pages up and down or deleting them if the graphics have more than one page.

reordering pages in graphics when using DesignCap

To add a text, click on TEXT from the left pane and choose a style. It can then be added to the right pane inside the graphics.

adding text to graphics using DesignCap

Similarly, you can also different photos based on events and occasions as needed. Select PHOTOS from the left pane, this will show many images.

adding photos to graphics using DesignCap You can even search for specific ones and add them.


adding images to existing templates in DesignCap

For creating social media graphics, you can choose from a list of icons that are available in the MODULES section.

adding modules to graphics using DesignCap

For making charts and other diagrams, select from the CHART section as needed.

adding chart items to graphics using DesignCap

Also, basic design elements like lines, shapes and more are available to use from the ELEMENTS section.

adding basic elements to graphics using DesignCap

To create infographics and other graphics like business cards, choose as needed from TEMPLATES and add them for further editing.

choosing templates to customize in DesignCap

editing a business card template in DesignCap


After the graphics design is over, you can download or export it by clicking on the down arrow next to it and selecting Download.

downloading edited graphics in DesignCap

Choose a suitable name, the image size, and format and click Download.

saving edited graphics to PC in DesignCap

It will be saved locally to PC.

downloaded graphics using DesignCap

All the projects that are created or edited will be available in the My Designs section in your DesignCap account.

listing existing projects in DesignCap

You can also click on the dots icon next to them and share them, make duplicates or delete them.

sharing, renaming, duplicating or deleting esiting designs in DesignCap

All done.

Again, this is a time-sensitive giveaway and is valid from 7 Feb 2020 to 23 Feb 2020 and only for the first 6 registrations.

Enjoy and happy designing.

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