This Is How VoIP Technology Can Shape Your Small Business

We are living in a tech-driven world where everything is empowered with technology. With proper implementation, technology has made things easier for us. Starting from making coffee for us to keeping tabs on things remotely, it’s doing everything over a single tab.

In the business sphere as well, there are many areas where technology has to empower communication, security, and marketing at every level. Without asking high-end investments, it helps businesses, especially small businesses, to grow exponentially. One of the easiest ways to integrate technology into your business is to buy a VoIP phone system.

Once implemented right, VoIP can help you overcome some of the key challenges that you face every day and grow beyond boundaries. Here is a quick overview of how technology is helping businesses to grow at a faster rate.

Cloud technology is shaping customer service

Customer service is a crucial aspect that no business should ignore. The VoIP phone system is the ideal way to bring the power of technology into your business stream. Powered with cloud technology, this auto attendant phone system helps you in every aspect of customer service at the right tangent.

With powerful features like call forwarding, call transferring, IVR, on-hold music, and many more, it enables a business to attend customers’ calls in a better, quicker, and professional manner. As per a survey, 60% of customers think that businesses using cloud-based business phone systems are capable of answering queries better. They have to wait for long, and this is what makes them loyal towards a business.

Better data safety

Data is the real currency for the business, and one should ensure its safety by all means. When it comes to protecting business data while conducting day-to-day work, nothing can beat the viability of cloud telephony. Backed with high-end encryption, data saved/transferred/communicated remains protected in every respect.

Many businesses have admitted that they have witnessed reduced incidences of data breaches and were able to share the data with the rest of the manpower using cloud telephony. Another major benefit of using the virtual mobile phone number is that it makes business data readily available. As every data is saved over the cloud, your team can get access to it from anywhere. This further helps the business to leverage operations at a faster rate.

Technology improving your productivity

No matter what sort of business you run, you need to be extra productive and ensure you’re making most of your investments to reach the success sky. There are many call center software that comes with real-time time tracking.

Using features offered by call-center software, you can easily automate various menial tasks and calculate time consumed per task. When you see that someone is taking too much of what is ideal, you can rectify the things way before they go out of your hand. Then, you have voicemail to email auto-transcription facility that saves a great deal of time without compromising on the work quality.

Digital dictation streamlines workflow in a way that you could never imagine. Using it, you can create digital documentation that is easy to store and sort out.

Technology for better collaboration

To run a business hassle-freely, you need to collaborate at various levels. There is nothing like a lone warrior in the business ecosystem. Using cloud technology, you can improve your collaboration and associate ability. One of the first hurdles that hinder collaboration is the geographical location.

There are many incidents where a company has to compromise on collaboration quality just because it didn’t have the right technology to collaborate with the right resource located/situated at different locations. Well, here is a cloud-based business phone system to help you at this point. Using it, you can easily do teleconferencing or arrange a webinar with a person sitting seven seas apart from you.

Not only this. You can expand the knowledge base of existing manpower by offering them online training without even stepping out of their home. For better and quick data sharing and collaboration within a particular ecosystem, you can easily set-up an intranet connection and work over it.

Then, there is powerful CMR integration that brings every needed resource on a single platform. Without shuffling between two key business aspects, you can just drag-and-drop particular information easily. This powerful integration has changed the way businesses used to gather information. Now, sales, finance, marketing, and CRM department are under control and can be at your service over a single click.


Technology integrated using the VoIP phone system has a far-flung and deeper impact on a business and its operations. When used rightly and diligently, it can pave the success path, explore new business opportunities, and make the most of your investments made without burdening you with added operational cost. In a world where things are faster and quicker, using cloud telephony and its related technology should be encouraged by businesses.

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