Read Aloud Web Pages In Google Chrome And Firefox With This Add-on

It can be useful to have text to speech option when scrolling through web pages or reading documents and ebooks on the web.

Read Aloud is an extension that translates the text from webpages to speech and is available for Chrome and Firefox. (By the way, the new Microsoft Edge browser already has this feature built-in.)

For Firefox, download and install it from here, while for Google Chrome it can be installed from here.

This example shows how it works in Google Chrome, using it for Firefox is similar too.

Read Aloud Chrome extension

After it is installed in Google Chrome, it will be visible as an icon next to the address bar.

Read Aloud Chrome extension icon

Using it is simple, go to the webpage and click on the Read Aloud icon. The text on the webpage will now be audible through a narration window and will also be highlighted as each of the words are read aloud.

narration window when using Read Aloud to read out web pages in Chrome

You can pause, play, skip forward or backward through the text to speech with the control menu buttons.

pausing, rewinding or fast forwarding narration in Read Aloud for Chrome

By default, Read Aloud uses the Google Translate service but it can be turned off if needed.

Also, to customize different options for Read Aloud, click on the gear icon from the control menu.

accessing settings for Read Aloud

From here, you can change the default voice type, the voice speed and pitch, text and narration window size as well as the volume and text highlighting.

changing various voice related settings in Read Aloud for Chrome

Read Aloud also offers premium voice types like Google Standard and Wavenet voices, Amazon Polly and IBM Watson voices.

a list of voices available in Read Aloud for Chrome

You can purchase them if needed by first selecting them from Additional Voices > Enable Premium Voices.

choosing premium voices in Read Aloud for Chrome

The pricing for these premium voices will be listed. More details on which voices are free and which are premium can be found here.

pricing for premium voices to use in Read Aloud for Chrome

However, the default Chrome browser built-in voices will always be free and you can use them without any restrictions.

Keyboard shortcuts can also be changed from the options page by clicking on Edit shortcut keys.

editing shortcut keys in Read Aloud for Chrome

Other than that, if you want to disable the Google Translate service, right-click on the extension icon and select Manage extensions.

managing Read Aloud for Chrome extension

Then, turn off the option next to You can also enable or disable the extension in incognito mode from here.

enabling Google Translate service for Read Aloud and enabling or disabling extension in incognito mode

This is a useful add-on that makes it easier to read web pages through speech. Do try it out.

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