Add Different Calendars To The Windows 10 Calendar App

The Calendar app in Windows 10 comes with additional calendars that can be added to your Microsoft account to keep track of sporting events, TV channels/shows and country specific national holidays.

(If you have already configured other email accounts like Gmail etc in the Mail app, those calendars will be automatically available in the Calendar app).

Here is how to add these extra calendars :

Open the Calendar app by either searching for it (shortcut key : Win key + S) or from the Mail app.

accessing Windows 10 Calendar app

choosing Windows 10 Calendar app from Mail

Scroll down and click Add calendars.

Add calendars option in Windows 10 Calendar app

There will be different calendar categories including holidays, sports, TV and so on.

Country-wise holidays calendar:

To add country-specific holidays calendar, select Holiday calendars.

calendars for various events and countries in Calendar app

Then choose the country for which the calendar is to be added and click on it.  All the holidays for that will now be visible in the Calendar app.

national holidays calendar added to Calendar app

TV channels and shows:

To keep a track of your favorite TV channels and shows, click on TV. Then select the timezone.

TV calendar list in Calendar app

This will show various TV channels.

choosing timezone for TV shows in Calendar app

To add the schedule for a particular TV show, choose it from the channel list.

selecting TV show schedule to be added to Calendar app

The episode/show timings will then be added to the Calendar app.

Sports events:

Similarly, you can add a schedule for different sports too. Click on Sports and the name of the sport.

Sports calendars in the Calendar app


All the major tournaments and events related to those will be displayed. Click on the preferred tournaments to watch.

selecting a sporting event for adding to the Calendar app


They will be then be added to the Calendar with the venue details.

sporting event added to the Calendar app

Similarly, games for other sporting events like NBA, NFL and so on too can be added.

NBA and other events can be added to the Calendar app


These all will be added as calendar events to your Microsoft account and you will also get reminders for them in the Windows 10 Action Center before they begin.

events reminder for added calendars in the Calendar app

Also, you can choose not to display them by removing the tick mark next to them.

A list of enabled calendars in the Calendar app

To set a color or delete them, click on the down arrow next to them and select Remove calendar.

down arrow next to the added calendar in the Calendar app

changing color scheme or deleting the added calendars from the Calendar app

Pretty useful.

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