Resize And Trim Images, Video And Audio Files Using Croppio

Croppio is a free online tool that can crop and resize media files. It supports cropping and trimming of images, videos, and audio. It supports image formats like PNG, JPG/JPEG/GIF, audio formats (MP3, M4A(AAC), M4R, FLAC, and WAV. Video format supported for trimming is MP4.

Croppio homepage

Using it is easy and it doesn’t need any installation. Simply go to the Croppio homepage here.


To resize images, upload them or specify the URL.

uploading images to Croppio for resizing

After the image is uploaded, you can resize, rotate, flip and stretch it.

images uploaded to Croppio

different cropping options for images using Croppio

Croppio has different options for resizing and choosing the image size from the drop-down menu. As these changes are selected, the Image Size Info table will be updated to reflect the changes.

changing image size and other options in CroppioTo convert the image to a lower or higher quality, select as needed from the Convert menu.

selecting output image quality in Croppio

Finally, to change the image format, click on Format and choose as required.

choosing the output format for image in Croppio


Once the changes are finalized, click on the Download button.

download the processed image from Croppio

The processed image will soon be available to download.

processed image available to download from Croppio

As Croppio can resize images, you can also crop images that are to be used for various social media profiles as well as background.

It also has the option of bulk conversion of images. You can upload multiple images and process them in one go. To do that, click on the Bulk section and upload the images.


The process for editing and trimming videos too is similar. First, upload the source video to be trimmed (in MP4 format) or specify a source URL. Next, choose the start and the endpoints if it has to be trimmed.

trimming video files using CroppioYou can also add simple effects like Fade in and Fade out to it. Click on Download to process and download it.

trimmed video file downloaded from Croppio


You can also trim audio files similarly and download them to use as ringtones. After uploading, choose the portion for trimmed output, the fade duration, effects like Fade in/out and the output format. You can also preview the audio output before finalizing it.

trimming audio files in Croppio

adding fade effects to audio files using Croppio

choosing the audio file output format in Croppio

Click Download to process and save the trimmed audio file.

Also, there is a cool Stats section here which shows at a glance the number of files and the types of files that are processed by Croppio.

stats section in Croppio showing the number of files processed online

pie chart showing the type of files processed using Croppio

This is a useful and free tool for basic resizing and trimming multimedia files, do try it out.

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