Record And Share Audio Clips Online With This Free Tool

Vocaroo is a free online voice recorder tool that can be used to record and share audio clips and voice messages. It supports most of the audio formats like MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, WMA and more.

Using it is simple, go to the Vocaroo homepage here which will show the recording icon.

Vocaroo homepage

There are a couple of settings about removing background noise and auto-adjusting volume which can be changed by clicking the gear icon.

changing audio recording settings in Vocaroo

To record, click on the recording icon. Choose Allow in-browser notifications to start recording.

allow browser access to mic for Vocaroo recording

Once done, click the stop button.

recording audio clips online using Vocaroo

The audio clip will now be generated. Click on the Save & Share button to get the link or download it locally.

saving and sharing recorded audio clips in Vocaroo

Vocaroo doesn’t have a set time limit till which the recorded audio clips and messages are retained so they may be unavailable after a few months. Hence downloading them locally once they are recorded would be useful as a backup.

downloading recorded audio clips from vocaroo

These audio clips will be available as a MP3 download.

saving recorded audio clips locally from Vocaroo

You can also share them as a link through email and social networks. The audio clips can be directly accessed from any browser.

accessing and listening to audio clips from Vocaroo in browser


Besides that, you can also upload existing audio files that are to be shared. The maximum upload limit is 50 MB for uploading. Click on the Upload icon from the homepage.

choosing the upload option in Vocaroo

Then click on Upload Audio File.

uploading audio file in Vocaroo

Vocaroo will process and generate it online after which it can be shared.

audio file being uploaded to Vocaroo

It too can also be shared online.

uploaded audio file available for sharing online using Vocaroo

All done.

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