Mousepad : A Simple And Useful Text Editor For Linux Mint

Mousepad is a minimalistic text editor for Linux that’s based on Leafpad.

To use it in Linux Mint (which has xed has the default text editor), open Terminal and type:

sudo apt install mousepad

installing Mousepad in Linux Mint

This example uses Linux Mint 19 Xfce for Mousepad installation and usage.


Mousepad installed in Linux Mint Xfce

The default view for Mousepad is quite minimalistic.

default Mousepad interface view

General settings:

You can, however, enable Status bar and Toolbar from Edit > Preferences > Window or from the View drop-down menu.

enable status bar and tool bar for Mousepad

tool bar and status bar enabled for Mousepad

Also, it supports various color schemes and these can be enabled from View > Color Scheme.

changing the color scheme for Mousepad

Tabs and text editing:

This text editor supports tabs but by default, the main tab isn’t displayed. To always have it displayed, go to Edit > Preferences > Window and from Notebook tabs, enable Always show tabs even with one file.

enabling tabs view in Mousepad

You can detach and save multiple tabs through right-click.

detaching tabs in Mousepad

new tabs detached in Mousepad

Mousepad can also edit the highlighted text to transform it into uppercase, lowercase, title case and so on. Select the text to be transformed and right-click on it to select Convert.

Also, you can use Mousepad in a full-screen view by clicking on the box icon at the extreme right or by F11.

full screen icon in Mousepad

Other than that, it also supports various file types like HTML, extensions for different programming scripts and languages and so on. These can be selected from the drop-down menu through Document > Filetype.

saving text files in different formats in Mousepad

This is a plain but useful text editor to work with, do try it out.

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