Install And Use Spotify App In Linux Mint

Spotify has an official desktop app for Linux Mint/Ubuntu just like it has for Windows. (Here is how to use it in Windows 10).

Here is how to install and use it in Linux Mint (this example is based on Linux Mint Xfce):

Open Terminal and give the following command to start installation:

sudo apt install spotify-client

installing Spotify app in Linux Mint

After it is installed, it will show up in the Multimedia menu.

Spotify installed in Linux Mint

Launch it, the familiar sign-in screen for Spotify will be displayed.

Spotify sign-in screen in Linux Mint

After signing in, all your existing playlists, as well as favorites, will be available. Search for songs from the search box to play or add to playlists.

Spotify dashboard after signing into desktop client in Linux Mint

To make a new playlist, click on New Playlist.

creating a new playlist in Spotify app for Linux Mint

Give a suitable description and save it by clicking on CREATE. Any changes made through this app will automatically be synced for other devices too.

choosing a playlist name in Spotify Linux Mint app

To access an existing playlist from before, simply select it from the left pane, and from the right side, pane click on PLAY. If you are using a premium account, you can download these playlists too.

opening an existing playlist for listening in Spotify Linux Mint app

For changing various Spotify settings, click on your account name on the top right and select Settings.

accessing Spotify account settings in Linux Mint app

You can also start a private Spotify session from here, choose to make your new playlists public by default and more.

making default playlists public or launching a private session through Spotify settings for the Linux Mint app

To change where Spotify songs are stored offline, scroll down further in Settings and from Offline Songs Storage section, click on CHANGE LOCATION.

changing the path where offline Spotify songs are stored in Linux Mint

All done.

Happy listening.

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