How To Use WhatsApp Desktop Messenger In Linux Mint/Ubuntu

The official WhatsApp desktop messenger version as of now is only available for Windows and Mac. So if you’d like to use WhatsApp in Linux Mint/Ubuntu , then you can directly use WhatsApp Web. Alternatively, you can download and use an unofficial desktop version – WhatsApp Desktop that works quite well.

To do that, open Terminal and type:

sudo apt install whatsapp-desktop

installing WhatsApp desktop in Linux Mint

Once the installation is complete, it will be available to use.

WhatsApp Desktop installed in Linux Mint

Launch it and log in to your WhatsApp account from the phone through WhatsApp Web.

Logging in using WhatsApp Web for WhatsApp Desktop in Linux Mint

After the login is successful, you will see the WhatsApp interface.

WhatsApp contacts and main interface in the WhatsApp Desktop version for Linux Mint/Ubuntu

The system tray too will now show the familiar WhatsApp icon with unread notification count if any.

WhatsApp system tray icon in Linux Mint

To edit the profile, make new group or logout, click on the ellipsis icon.

Configuring profile options, making groups and logging out from WhatsApp Desktop in Linux Mint

You can switch to Dark mode as well as change other settings. To enable it, click on View > Dark mode.

enable dark mode in WhatsApp Desktop for Linux Mint/Ubuntu

You can also enable Quiet mode from there as well as toggle full-screen view.

Other settings like hiding avatars, message preview, auto-start on login and more can be changed from Edit > Settings.

accessing other settings in WhatsApp Desktop for Linux Mint/Ubuntu

change WhatsApp Desktop appearance settings

You can also load custom CSS schemes as well as chat backgrounds from here.

load custom chat background and css for WhatsApp Desktop in Linux Mint

Interestingly, if you’d check your active devices when logged in using WhatsApp Desktop in Linux Mint/Ubuntu, it will be listed as Windows while the WhatsApp Web will show it as Ubuntu. 🙂

list of logged in devices for WhatsApp

All done.

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