Enable Mini View And Dark Mode For Movies & TV In Windows 10

The Movies & TV app which comes by default with Windows 10 has some cool features like Mini view, 360 view, and Dark Mode. Access it either from the Windows start menu or by searching for it (shortcut keys: Win key + S).

Movies & TV app in Windows 10 start menu

searching for Movies & TV app in Windows 10

To enable Mini View, open any video file in Movies & TV app and click on the rectangle icon.

mini view option in Movies & TV

Then select Play in mini view. This will launch the video in a small window which will remain on top of the other active windows.

Video played in mini view using Movies & TV and on top of other windows

So you can continue to watch and multi-task by using Mini View.

Also, if the video supports 360° view, you can have a panoramic view by clicking on the 360 icon and then dragging/rotating the video view as it plays.

360 view option for videos in Movies & TV

rotate the view for 360 mode in Movies & TV

To enable dark mode, click on the ellipsis icon and choose Settings. Then, select the mode as Dark.

accessing Movies & TV settings

enable dark mode for Movies & TV

Dark mode will now be enabled for Movies & TV.

dark mode enabled for Movies & TV

Also, if you are looking to create and edit videos using the default Windows 10 apps, then the Photos app can be useful.

All done.

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