5 Key Benefits Of Using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a distributed network infrastructure. Due to this decentralized architecture, it is now used everywhere right from hosting huge mission critical apps like online banking, emails etc to personal blogs.
So accounting apps like CloudBooks which are ideal for small businesses are powered in the cloud thereby improving reliability.
It is always beneficial to use such online infrastructure that is robust and can be easy to scale and deploy.
This is why using cloud computing has a huge advantage over using a centralized network infrastructure.
The 5 main benefits of using cloud computing are:

Fault tolerance :

This is a huge advantage especially for hosting mission critical apps.   Simply put, cloud network is basically a collection of servers at different locations.Due to distributed infrastructure, replacing and fixing servers in a cloud becomes easy.

This also helps in reducing downtime and the end users don’t even notice it.
So it is a lot easier to replace a few of them which fail rather than having a central infrastructure where there is limited fault tolerance.

Scalability :

Different applications have their own usage profiles. There are applications that can put a considerable load on resources because of what they serve (e.g video and image sharing sites) while others which are constant in their resource usage (e.g : email services).
Due to cloud computing, you can change how the computing resources are allocated to these different apps. So when you see an uptick in load, simply add more resources to the cloud to scale up the infrastructure. Similarly, when there is very low usage, scale down temporarily and save computing costs.
So this is an attractive option for reducing costs and also for efficiently using resources.

IT Management :

Cloud computing reduces IT personnel and hardware costs. This is because you don’t need fixed hardware allocation. Also, as cloud infrastructure is highly fault tolerant, you can reduce the staff overhead for monitoring it.

Reduced costs :

Due to the scalable nature of clouc computing, you aren’t tied to fixed hardware costs. There are pay as you go options that best serve your budget depending on the usage. This cost flexibility can be very helpful especially for start-ups.

Easy to collaborate :

Team members can collaborate and work from anywhere due to this. Online apps hosted on cloud platform are available to use from anywhere without having to install anything locally.

So because of these advantages, more online services will adopt cloud computing in the time to come.

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