View Websites In Dark Mode With This Firefox Add-on

Dark Reader is a Firefox add-on that turns on dark mode for websites. It does this by generating dark themes on the go when loading websites.

Download and install it from here.

Dark Reader Firefox add-on

After it is installed, enable it for Private Windows too. The icon will now be visible next to the address bar.

Dark Reader add-on installed in Firefox

Whenever a website is now loaded, it will be rendered in dark mode. You can toggle the dark mode on or off for selected websites.

webpages displayed in night or dark mode

To do that, click on the add-on icon. Then, switch it on or off (shortcut keys: Alt+Shift+D).

toggling dark mode on or off in Dark Reader

There are three tabs to configure how Dark Reader works, they are Filter, Site list and More.

Site list: To include or exclude websites for dark mode, select Site list. Then add the websites (shortcut keys: Alt+Shift+A).

adding a list of websites to be included or exclued from dark mode in Dark Reader

There are two options here: Invert listed only and Not inverted listed. For enabling dark mode only on the websites that are on the list, select the first option. To exclude them from being displayed in dark mode, use the second option.

Filter: To change various display settings for websites, choose the Filter tab.

changing filter settings for websites in Dark Reader

Over here, you can adjust the brightness and contrast for the websites. You can also enable the Sepia filter and Grayscale mode.

webpages with Sepia filter enabled in Dark Reader

Webpages displayed with Sepia filter when using Dark Reader

More: For changing font settings, select More. Then, choose the required font drop-down menu along with the text stroke settings.

Changing font and theme settings in Dark Reader

Also, you can set the theme generation mode from here. The default is Filter which works well for most of the websites and takes up fewer resources. The Dynamic option has the best rendering of these but takes up more resources. There is also the Dev tools option by which you can customize CSS for websites when rendering them.

This is a useful Firefox add-on for viewing websites in night mode or dark mode.

All done.

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