How To Use Box Notes To Create And Share Tasks

Box – the online file storing and sharing platform makes it easy to collaborate using the built-in notes feature known as the Box Notes.

Making and using Box Notes:

Creating a Box Note is easy. Log in to your Box account and click on New. There are a couple of options for creating notes.

making a new Box Note

You can make a new blank note or use an existing template. To create a new note from scratch, choose Box Note and name it.

naming a new Box Note

To open an existing template, use the Box Note from the Template option. Some useful note templates make it easy to track and update project status, newsletters and so on. Choose as needed and click Create.

a list of available templates for Box Notes

project status template for Box Notes

newsletter template for Box Notes

When editing Box Notes, you can also directly notify someone by clicking on the message icon to the right of it.

using the notify option when editing Box Notes

The notes interface is pretty simple with a text editor for taking notes.

text editor interface in Box Notes

You can click on the three dots icon to favorite a note, delete it, copy or move it and view the version history.

adding Box Notes to favorites, deleting and other choices


For sharing Box Notes, you can invite other users or collaborators. They too, however, need to have a Box account for editing them. There will be a couple of sharing options: sharing a link and inviting people. To generate a shareable link for Box Notes, click on Share.

using the share option in Box Notes

Choose to Get Link to generate a shared link for Box Notes. You can then change the access settings for this.

creating a shareable link for Box Notes

To manage who can access these notes, click on the drop-down menu from People with the link.

changing access settings for shareable Box Notes link

To manage read-write permissions, select the drop-down menu from Can Edit. It can then be changed to view only if needed.

changing editing permissions for shareable Box Notes link

Enter the names or email addresses in the Invite box and click Send Invites.

inviting collaborators to Box Notes

The recipients will receive an invitation to collaborate on Box Notes.

invitation to access and edit Box Notes


The Manage people option is for viewing and editing the list of collaborators for the specific notes.

managing collaborators for Box Notes

You can search for them from the Filter Collaborators search box and also edit their contact information. You can also revoke editing access, switch from viewer to editor or remove the collaborators from here.

changing the access level for collaborators in Box Notes

Another useful option is the Mail All function. This is for sending a common notification to all the collaborators.

Besides that, from the main interface of Box, you can quickly check if Box Notes have collaborators by the people icon next to it.

managing Box Notes from the main interface

icon for Box Notes with invited collaborators

They can also be locked against any further editing from here. Click on the three dots icon next to the specific Box Notes from the main interface and select Lock.

locking Box Notes

You can then lock it for specific time duration from the Unlimited drop-down menu.

locking Box Notes for a time period

Box Notes can also be disabled from downloading by choosing that option.

disabling Box Notes download

The locked Box Notes will have the lock icon next to them.

Overall, Box is a useful cloud storage platform for storing files and collaborating just like other similar services like Dropbox and OneDrive . Do try it out.

All done.

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