How Modern Mobile Game Developers Are Upgrading the Pirate Aesthetic

Who heard about pirates for the very first time and didn’t dream of joining a swashbuckling crew? The entertainment industry has provided these fans with an endless supply of movies, TV shows, and video games starring pirates and their world full of adventure.

Now that mobile gaming has more or less taken over the tech market, developers are making the same efforts for that platform too. Clearly, nobody is ready to let go of pirate ships and treasure maps any time soon.

The Pirate Market

Modern moviegoers will automatically think of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but there were several popular productions before that like Treasure Planet (2002) and Cutthroat Island (1995), with the Black Sails (2014-2017) TV show saw high ratings as well. Gaming entertainment includes Blackbeard’s Booty and Boom Pirates for users playing slot games at Kitty Bingo. Adding the skull and crossbones, a treasure map, some gnarly sailors, and exciting music transforms the reel-spinning experience into an adventure on the high seas.

The same immersive effect is what developers are continuously aiming for with bigger PC titles like Blackwake (2017) and Maelstrom (2019). Fortunately, mobile video game studios have been just as successful.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War

Joycity are the creators of this free-to-play mobile game of the simulation and strategy genres. Trademark characters from the franchise make their appearance on players’ journies to growing their very own fleets. Den of Geek praises the mixture of empire-building elements with fan-favorite treats from the movies, including all the most memorable scenes. The quality of the gameplay is not impacted by this. On the contrary, it makes the mobile platform, relatively constrained compared to PC or console, even more engaging alongside the game’s multiplayer capabilities.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Conquering the seas is a goal shared by almost every pirate-themed video game. The difference lies in how each production goes about it. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is an action title developed by Home Net Games, where players are given a huge range of choices to progress with through a world based on historical facts and events. 20 types of ships and 30 upgrades, 20 character skills and hundreds of locations, constructions, and realistic battles to engage in – these are a few of the experiences users can expect.

Plunder Pirates

And then we have products that focus more on fun than reality. Midoki can be thanked for this cartoon version of plundering pirates. It has the same empire-building, rival-crushing mentality at its core, but its added highly amusing features is what has made it stand out for mobile gamers who know their stuff. Characters like Mack McKraken, Greenbeard, and Sadie the Goat take center stage as players improve their island, crew, and knowledge of the seas, whether known or unchartered. Plunder Pirates takes classic buccaneer lore and puts its own hilarious 3D spin to it.

It would be fair to say that mobile gaming developers are showing how much more pirate-themed entertainment still has to give. Whether maintaining the popularity of known productions and gameplay styles or bringing something new and inspiring to the table, players are grateful for the endless adventures they can indulge in.

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