Quickly Save Web Content To Google Drive With This Chrome Extension

Google Drive is great for storing files online. And so is the Chrome add-on – Save To Google Drive that can directly save web content (web pages, images, audio, and video) with a few clicks to it. It is an official Google add-on for Chrome and can be downloaded and installed from here.

Save To Google Drive Chrome extension

Once the add-on is installed, the familiar Google Drive logo will then appear next to the Chrome address bar .

Save To Google Drive extension installed

You’d first need to sign in with your Google account to save content to Google Drive. Once it is linked, the Chrome right-click menu will now have an option of Save to Google Drive.

Save to Google Drive add-on enabled in Google Chrome

So, to save the web content to it, right-click on it and choose either Save Link or Save Image.


saving web content to Google Drive in Chrome using Save To Google Drive extension

It, however, can’t capture and store content from the Chrome Web Store or the Chrome settings page. There will be a pop-up indicating that the chosen web content is being uploaded to Google Drive.

uploading webpage as an image to Google Drive using Save To Google Drive extension

You can also configure how web pages (HTML pages) are directly saved. To manage that, right-click on the add-on icon and choose Options.

configuring Save To Google Drive options

Then, change the option from saving the entire page as a PNG image (default) to either saving it as a visible page image or in the HTML / web archive format or as a Google document. Similarly, you can also change the saved web page link to Google editor format.

changing how web pages are saved to Google Drive using Save To Google Drive extension and other options

Other than that, you can also set a default folder where these web items will be stored by clicking on Change destination folder from the Save to Folder section.

changing the destination folder where the web content will be saved in Google Drive with the Save To Google Drive extension

It can come in handy to annotate and collect items from across the web and access them directly from Google Drive. So, this is a useful Chrome add-on like many others to improve productivity and have a better user experience.

All done.

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