Quickly Block Distracting Websites With This Firefox Add-on

It can be distracting to browse unrelated websites while working. They can eat away a significant chunk of time and impact productivity.

There is a simple Firefox add-on that can help in maintaining focus while working: Impulse Blocker. It blocks a list of added websites and helps you from being distracted.

Download and install it from here.

Impulse Blocker add-on page

After it is installed, it will show up as a circle icon next to the Firefox address bar.

Impulse Blocker add-on installed in Firefox

Click on it to bring a pop-up menu. Websites opened in the active tab can be directly blocked. Also, the add-on can be paused for a specific time interval. To add a list of websites to be blocked, click on the gear icon.

pausing Impulse Blocker and configuring websites to be blocked


This will bring up a dashboard for Impulse Blocker. Simply add the websites and click Block.

adding a list of websites to be blocked in Impulse Blocker

Also, the pause and on/off buttons can be removed from the pop-up menu if needed.

Impulse Blocker with buttons disabled in the pop-up menu

The list will be updated as and when you add websites to be blocked. Now, if you visit these websites, there will be a message indicating that they are successfully blocked.

websites blocked using Impulse Blocker

The blocker can be paused temporarily from the pop-up menu if the buttons are enabled or be turned off completely.

temporarily pausing Impulse Blocker add-on

You can also delete the added websites or turn on the blocker again.

turning off Impulse Blocker completely

Nice and easy.

By the way, if you’d like to schedule blocking such websites for a specific time block, then the Cold Turkey add-on too would be a good choice. It is available for both Firefox and Chrome.

All done.

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