How To Save Web Pages To Read For Later Using Pocket In Firefox

Pocket app that comes with Firefox is useful in saving web pages and read them later. There is the free version and the premium version, details of which can be found here. If you already have a Firefox account, then the free version of Pocket can be accessed using that or you can sign up for a new account here.

It is also available as an add-on for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

To start using the web version of Pocket, click on it’s icon next to the Firefox address bar. Then, sign in with the Firefox account.

accessing pocket app in Firefox

You can also create a new account if you’d like to keep it separate from the Firefox sync account.

log in to pocket with firefox account

Once signed in, you can then add articles to Pocket and save them for later reading. The interface consists of a left side column by which you can access saved web pages, tag them, add them as favorites and so on. The top menu shows the list of saved web pages and articles, you can also search for related web pages from Discover and Explore.

pocket list

Saving articles and videos:

To add a web page, simply click the Pocket icon next to it from the Firefox address bar.

saving web pages to pocket list in firefox

web pages saved to pocket in firefox

The saved page will show up in the Pocket List. Another cool feature is that you can also email to add any web page that needs to be saved. Simply send an email to add at with the web link to be saved.

adding web pages to pocket list through email

Then, that web page will then be directly saved to your Pocket List.

emailed web page added to pocket list

You can also directly add any web link from the Pocket interface too by clicking on the + icon and pasting it.

adding specific web links to pocket list

To delete any saved web page or article from the list, click on the dots icon below it and choose Delete.

deleting saved web pages from pocket list

Saved pages and articles can also be shared on social networks or be emailed using the Share option.

sharing web pages from pocket list

list of sharing options for sharing saved web pages from pocket list

Pocket saves web pages and videos separately. So, if you’ve added an online video to be watched later, then it will be available from the Videos category, while the saved articles will be stored in the Articles category.

saved videos to watch for later in pocket listsaved articles to read for later in pocket list

You can also access saved web pages and articles from the Firefox bookmarks and history icon by choosing View Pocket List.

accessing pocket list through firefox bookmarks and library icon


For premium versions, Pocket offers a feature of the Permanent Library which backups your saved web pages and articles. So, even if the actual online source is removed, you can still view or read them from this Permanent Library.

Tagging, sharing and highlighting:

Pages stored in Pocket can be tagged together based on common topics by clicking on the Tag option.

adding and editing tags for saved web pages in pocket list

You can also highlight words and phrases from the articles you read with the Highlight option. When reading the article in Pocket, select the text to be highlighted.

highlighting text from saved web pages in pocket

Then, select Highlight. These highlights can then be accessed from the Highlights section.

list of highlighted articles in pocket list

It is useful when you’ve many saved pages and would want to refer to something quickly. The free version allows up to 3 highlights per article while the premium version has no such restrictions.

To bulk edit saved web pages and articles, click on the pencil icon from the top of the Pocket interface.

bulk editing saved web pages in pocket

Then choose the required articles and add tags, archive them, add them to favorites or delete them.


tagging, archiving, favoriting and deleting multiple web pages in pocket

To change notifications about Pocket, go to the account icon and choose Options.

accessing pocket account options

A curated newsletter known as Pocket Hits is by default emailed daily. You can change it’s mailing frequency or turn it off.

managing various pocket related notifications

Also, you can turn off other Pocket related email notifications from here.

This is a useful web curating app which comes by default with Firefox, do try it out.

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