How To Change Apps For Websites And Configure Default Apps In Windows 10

Windows 10 can automatically open certain websites through their apps if installed instead of using a browser. This can include apps like Twitter, Microsoft To-Do and more.

Here is how to turn on or off these associated apps so that they can be opened in browser:

Access Windows Settings (shortcut keys: Win key +I)

accessing Windows 10 settings

Next, go to Apps and click on Apps for websites.

Configuring apps for websites settings in Windows 10

Certain websites will already be associated to open with their apps, turn them on or off from here.

turn on or off associated apps with their websites in Windows 10

Other than that, you can also set default apps from the Apps section. Go to Default apps, there will be a list of apps that are set as default for different tasks.

configuring default apps in Windows 10

Click on the specific app name to get other different alternatives ( if installed) that can be used for that task.

choosing a new default app for Windows 10 tasks

Choose the other app as needed, it will now be the default app in place of the previous one.

changing the default music player app in Windows 10

VLC player set as the default music player in Windows 10

You can also reset all of these apps to the default selection by clicking on Reset. These apps can also be configured based on the file type, or by protocol and also as default apps individually.

resetting apps to default settings and configuring them by file types, protocols and per app basis

All done.

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