Configure Wi-Fi Networks As Metered In Windows 10

Metered connections in Windows 10 is useful in managing data usage.

Here is how to set metered Wi-Fi connections in Windows 10:

Access Windows Settings (shortcut keys: Windows key + I) and choose Network & Internet.

accessing Windows 10 network settings

Next, click on Wi-Fi and select the network connection (if there are more than one) to be set as metered by choosing Manage known networks.

choosing wi-fi networks to be set as metered

Choose the specific Wi-Fi connection and click Properties.

configuring wi-fi network properties in Windows 10

Then, enable the option of Set as metered connection. It is also useful to assign it a data limit by choosing Set a data limit.

enabling metered connection options for wi-fi networks in Windows 10

Set the usage limit for it depending on whether that it is Monthly, One Time or Unlimited, then choose the amount of data to be used, the reset date and click Save.

setting a data limit for metered connections in Windows 10

Once the Wi-Fi connection is set as metered, Windows 10 will notify you before certain activities that can consume a lot of data like syncing with OneDrive and so on.

Windows 10 notification of being on a metered network

You can also view the per app usage for this connection and know what is consuming the most data from the Data usage section by clicking on View usage per app.

viewing data consumption per app for metered networks in Windows 10

This shows the data consumption per app for the chosen network connection.

a list of apps with their data usage for the metered connection in Windows 10

You can also choose to limit background data for the metered connection from here by enabling it to Always.enabling or disabling background data in Windows 10 when on metered network


All done.

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