What Would Happen If Your Company Lost All Of Its Data?

Losing data is not a new thing. It has happened to many companies and it can happen to you in the matter of seconds. When you lose data, it disrupts productivity and can cause you to lose files. Also, it could damage the reputation of your company. In some cases, it could lead to the exposure of confidential information. If it is a client’s data source, it can impact business loyalty.

At worst, the loss of data can lead to the closure of the business. This may happen if the financial impact such as the hidden cost affects the business. Here are things that could happen when the business loses its data.

1. It disrupts business activities
When a business loses data, it may be unable to continue rendering its services. For instance network failure may make it difficult for the business to serve clients. It will happen if the client’s records are damaged. Also, malicious cyber-attack may lead to loss of files that may take months, days or hours to recover. It can result in staff downtime and lead to loss of business if it takes longer.

2. Damages the business reputation
In this time and era, news can move pretty fast from one corner of the globe to another. If your business finds it difficult to serve clients because of lost data, it will end up in the headlines. It creates negative publicity which may damage the reputation of your company. If a solution is not found quickly, it can tarnish the brand and lead to great losses. Where it has happened, companies have spent thousands of dollars repairing their reputation. A few of them have succeeded in rebuilding their images while others have failed.

3. Exposes the company’s confidential information
If the company loses data through theft, its confidential information can be exposed. Employee’s records and customers’ information can be compromised. It leads to heavy fines if the affected persons take legal actions. The exposure may leak the company’s secrets to competitors and lead to heavy losses.

4. Loss of customers
If the business deals with sensitive customers’ data, losing it can be catastrophic. When customers learn of the losses, they will no longer trust your company. They may decide not to give your company more business. When the word of mouth spreads, finding new customers may not be the easiest thing to do. It may force the business to wind up.

4. Close of business
Losing business data can have a huge financial impact on the company. If the management is not careful, it can lead to permanent business failure. Every year, business close shop because of the loss of data. Massive losses of data have hidden costs that may affect the business cash flow. If the business cannot recover from such losses, it will be forced to close down.
But you can protect your business from such risks. You can do this by seeking professional help from experts. Besides, seeking technical support can help to safeguard your business from data loss. Also, regular i.t. maintenance services can help reduce network failure and outages.

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