The Technology Of Winning: The Ins And Outs Of Winning At Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games available today. Walk through any brick and mortar casino, and you’ll likely see some of the largest crowds gathered around a roulette wheel, and rightly so. However, not every roulette fan can head to the glitz and glamour of a casino, which is where online casino comes in. From live tables, to computer-generated games, these simple but effective alternatives have opened up roulette to the masses and skyrocketed the popularity even further.

With easy gameplay and the pull of a game with just one enemy – The House – this casino staple is a tipple of choice for many, but is it all down to luck? Well, advancements in technology and strategy seem to suggest that this isn’t the case anymore. Here, we’re taking a look at just why that may be.

The Luck Of The Draw?

Previously, the only difference between one roulette table and another rested in how the house set the pay tables up. Any physical casino could adjust the house odds but the rest, quite simply, was down to luck. While there seemed to be some skill involved, at least in the utilisation of probability, this was often too widespread for the average player to grasp and utilise to their benefit.
However, as online roulette and video alternatives have risen in popularity, we’re seeing more and more strategies coming out of the proverbial woodwork. From software that claims to predict the result of the next spin, to manual strategies designed to maximise your wins, players could try any of the following for a more strategic win, as opposed to resting it all on luck:

Software Lending A Helping Hand

Since online roulette has risen in popularity and become accessible to the masses, so too has the idea of software that can actually help us in predicting the potential outcome of any one spin of the wheel. More casinos or online versions of roulette utilise a random number generator (RNG) in order to determine the next result not just in roulette, but in a number of different games including slots, poker and more. RNGs can come in two forms, hardware random number generators (HRNG), or pseudo-random number generators (PRNG). PRNGs are the most likely to be used in online casinos as they are run off of software, in which mathematical algorithms are used to generate the random numbers utilising an initial “seed” value. This means that they aren’t truly random and, when using the right software, can theoretically be predicted.

Often using a smart algorithm to work with the existing PRNG, roulette predictive software can help you determine which outcomes are most likely, or least likely to occur. This can therefore help you to reduce your chances of losing. By utilising probability, algorithm and similar, software is popular amongst those who aren’t wanting to leave it all down to luck. The use of software can increase the accuracy of betting considerably and with different software providers claiming to offer prediction accuracy of up to 97-99%, this could be a consideration for those just getting started.

Playing With A Strategy

There are countless strategies available for every casino game out there, and roulette is no exception. If prediction software isn’t something you want to delve into just yet, or you want to compliment that software with a money-making strategy, there are a few you can try dependant on your strengths. These include:

  • Martingale
    The Martingale system is one of the most historically popular strategies used amongst casino gamers, not just in roulette, but other betting-based games such as slots, too. This system essentially sees you increasing the size of your bet by double every time you lose a round. Using this system, when you do win, you’ll win back what was lost, and more. After a win, you revert back to the original bet amount, and repeat. This particular system can be amazing when it works but has also caused skepticism in those who haven’t reaped the benefits. It can also depend on the table limit set by the game as to whether this system will work, as some may prevent you from doubling your bet beyond a certain point.
  • D’Alembert
    Also referred to as a pyramid system, the D’Alembert system’s basic idea is to increase the size of your bet by one unit (the size of your original bet) each time you lose. You also decrease it by one unit every time you win. Unlike the Martingale strategy, it’s difficult to reach table limits using this strategy, however, you could reach table minimum if you originally start with a small bet. It’s more of a short-term strategy but can be beneficial for newcomers and experienced players alike.
  • Paroli
    This particular betting strategy is one of a more positive progression, in which the main goal is to place flat bets until you hit a winning streak. Once you hit the win, you continue doubling your bet after each consecutive win. This particular strategy will ultimately mean you’re betting away your winnings, rather than your own money or bankroll.

Online roulette is often considered to be down to chance and luck, but with the right strategies and software, you could maximise your chances of winning. Which one will you try?

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