Quickly Find Synonyms And Antonyms With This Opera Add-on

Power Thesaurus is an Opera add-on that can quickly look up synonyms and antonyms (meanings of words and their opposites) for selected words from webpages.

Download and install it from here.

Power Thesaurus add-on page

After it is added, it will show up an icon next to the Opera address bar.

Power Thesaurus installed in Opera

Power Thesaurus can be used in two ways: either by selecting specific words or by simply typing in the words in the pop-up window.

To find the antonyms and synonyms for specific words, highlight them and then right-click to select Power Thesaurus.

finding antonymns and synonyms for highlighted words using Power Thesaurus

This will give a detailed list of all the available antonyms and synonyms.

a list of synonyms and antonyms displayed by Power Thesaurus

For using the pop-up search, click on the Power Thesaurus icon and type or copy paste the word.

using the Power Thesaurus pop-up window to find antonyms and synonyms

It will then display the list of antonyms and synonyms for it.

To change the settings, right-click on the Power Thesaurus icon and choose Manage Extension.

configuring options for Power Thesaurus add-on

Over here, you can change how many default antonyms and synonyms are displayed in the pop-up box (default is 5). You can also enable either displaying just antonyms or synonyms rather than both.

changing Power Thesaurus settings for displaying synonyms and antonyms

Other options including enabling/disabling it in the context menu and for pop-up display.

This is a useful add-on to quickly find out antonyms and synonyms and a lot of substitute words.

list of synonyms and antonyms after changing their display count

Do try it out.

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