How To Use Telegram Desktop App For Windows 10

The popular mobile instant messaging app Telegram is also available as a Windows 10 desktop app. Download the official version from the Microsoft Store here.

Telegram Desktop app for Windows 10

Once downloaded and installed, click on START MESSAGING to start using it, sign in using your phone number.

using Telegram Desktop app for the first time

Click NEXT after entering the phone number. Use the Telegram code received on the phone number to verify it.

sign in to Telegram Desktop app with phone number

For new Telegram accounts, enter the first and last name and set a profile picture if needed.

setting up user info for first use in Telegram Desktop

The chat window will be visible with the default theme.

Telegram Desktop app for Windows 10 chat interface

If you already have a Telegram account with the same number, all the contacts and messages will automatically be synced and visible in the desktop app.

To export saved messages or delete chat history, click on the dots icon from top right and choose as needed.

saving chats, deleting history and more in Telegram Desktop

Changing the layout and chat settings:

Telegram Desktop app also supports Night Mode and it can be enabled by clicking on the three lines icon at the top left and enabling it.

accessing Telegram Desktop settings

enabling night mode for Telegram Desktop

To change the default theme and other chat settings, choose Settings > Chat Settings.

configuring chat settings in Telegram Desktop

Then select a new theme as needed. The chat window background can also be changed from here.

change theme and chat background image for Telegram Desktop

Other than that, you can also configure emoji and other chat related options.

configure emoji settings in Telegram Desktop

To change how notifications appear, choose Notifications from Settings.

configuring notifications settings for Telegram Desktop

The message location can be previewed by clicking on the screen layout from the Location on the screen section.

choose where notifications will appear in Telegram Desktop

You can also change how many notifications will be displayed by changing their count.

Configuring privacy options:

Telegram Desktop app can also be configured to have a local passcode. When this passcode is enabled, you can directly lock the app using a lock icon at top of the screen or have the auto-lock option do that when the app is inactive (default interval being 1 hour). To enable it, go to Settings > Privacy and Security.

configuring privacy and security settings in Telegram Desktop

Then scroll down to Local Passcode and enable it.

enabling local passcode for Telegram Desktop

Enter a passcode and click SAVE.

setup a passcode for Telegram Desktop

A lock icon will now be visible, simply click it to lock the app.

locking the Telegram Desktop app with passcode

To unlock the app, the passcode will be needed.

unlocking the Telegram Desktop with local passcode

You can also set up two-step verification, change last seen and online status as well as manage to block users from this Privacy and Security section.

other privacy and security settings in Telegram Desktop

Managing auto-downloads and other media storage settings:

For configuring advanced settings, select Advanced.

accessing advanced settings in Telegram Desktop

From here, you can manage storage related settings and configure auto-downloading options. If you’d like to turn off automatic media downloads for private chats, groups, and channels, then they can be set from here by clicking on each of them.

change storage and media download settings in Telegram Desktop

Another useful option is limiting the type of media to be auto-downloaded and also restricting them by size.

turn on or off auto downloads based on file types and size

This is useful when you don’t want to start downloading large video files automatically and also various other file types.

After the Telegram Desktop app is closed, by default, it will continue to run in the background / Windows 10 system tray and check for new messages.

To quit completely, right-click the icon from the system tray and choose Quit Telegram.

This is a sleek and lightweight app for Windows 10, do try it out.

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