How To Personalize Suggested Content Feed In Microsoft Edge

The suggested content feed that appears in the Microsoft Edge browser can be customized if needed. This includes changing the region from where the news content is displayed as well as following and unfollowing different topics of interest.

Here is how:

First, you can set Edge browser to open a new tab with Top Sites and suggested content. Click on the three dots icon at the top right of Edge window and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

accessing Edge browser settings

From the General tab, set new tabs to open “Top sites” and suggested content.

configuring new tab pages to open with suggested content

This will display the content feed every time a new tab is opened along with frequently accessed websites.

set new tab pages in Edge to open with suggested content and top sites visited

Alternatively, if the settings were enabled to only open a blank tab, you can then enable this feed by clicking on SHOW TOP SITES AND MY FEED from the bottom of the blank tab page.

display content feed in Edge browser from a blank tab page

Once the feed and suggested content are displayed, click on the gear icon to customize it.

configuring Edge feed content settings

From the language & content menu, you can set the feed to show news and other content from any region as needed.

setting the language and content zone for Edge feed

a list of various regions and languages for which the suggested content can be enabled in Edge browser

Also, you can enable or disable various content from Microsoft Weather, Money and Sports too if the content and language is set to US.

To enable or disable specific topics of interest in the feed, click on Personalize.

Personalizing which topics will appear in suggested content feed

Then choose the topics to follow or unfollow as required. The layout for selecting and removing these categories will vary slightly depending on the region for which the content is enabled but all of these topics can be added or removed from the feed.

Once these changes are done, from next time whenever a new tab opens, the suggested content will be displayed as per these preferences.

All done.

Happy browsing.

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